From Korea to Mexico: Munch Addict Brings You Snacks From Around the World

Much Addict is an emerging snack subscription company that sources exotic snacks from around the world. The company has a Korean snack subscription box that features snacks straight from South Korea, giving people a taste of the delicious treats found in Korea.

With the ever-growing popularity in Korean culture, from Squid Game to K-pop, Munch Addict wants to highlight other ways of experiencing Korean culture.

Munch Addict provides an international subscription box of four different sizes that bring customers something new every month. Such unpredictability leaves everyone’s taste buds guessing, creating a thriving, buzzing atmosphere around Munch Addict’s products. They also have special snacks that can be added on the fly to every box, which is something no other snack subscription box company is doing.

Munch Addict’s mission is to bring its subscribers and customers the tastiest snacks and treats from around the world. They want to present everyone with an opportunity to get a taste of what the world has to offer. As a result, the company scours the globe for the newest and rarest snacks to stay on top of the snack industry and give their customers something new each month.

With an expansive client base across the US, Munch Addict has spent the past year creating a way to ensure their products are easily accessible. Customers in Los Angeles can get Munch Addict snacks from Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash, and they are hoping to expand this to other states across the US.  

A fast-thriving enterprise, Munch Addict, is receiving a lot of industry recognition. The brand has been featured in publications such as Forbes, BuzzFeed, Eat This Not That, and Thrive Global.

Munch Addict also supplies an extensive client base from individuals to well-established, A-list corporations and companies such as Microsoft, ADP, Scopely, and many more large corporations. Most of these companies value Munch Addict’s products as the boxes are ideal for various team-building exercises.

The company was founded by two childhood friends, Anthony Liu and Rodney Yean. The two ambitious entrepreneurs were always intrigued by the snacks they ate in the different countries they visited. Anthony and Rodney would often bring these snacks home for their friends and family to try, and it was always a fun experience. This created the urge and desire to continue bringing home different snacks; besides, trying new snacks together was an exciting activity.

In the future, Munch Addict wants to expand the brand to have the largest international snack selection in the United States and Canada. They are also hoping to bring some of the USA and Canada’s most famous snacks to other countries across the world so anyone can taste delightful snacks from North America.

The goal is to gain more subscribers from all corners of the world and become an international snack store so people can just buy snacks and not have to sign up for a subscription if they don’t want to.

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