From Losing Everything to Forming a Business Empire: The Inspiring Story of JKMT Founder Javed Khan

 When you decide to undertake in any environment, the risk of losing everything is an element that always accompanies that decision. However, the determination to achieve your goals and have a dream life for you and your family is undoubtedly the greatest motivator that young people like Javed Khan see today, making it worth the risk.

Today, to refer to Khan is to talk about a young billionaire of 22 years, who achieved entrepreneurial success in forex trading, being qualified as a world-class NFX educator. Before this, however, Khan was nothing more than an unknown boy, who grew up amidst economic constraints, gang violence, and a deep desire for self-improvement.

Born and raised in East London, specifically in Hackney, Khan stood out from a very early age as a boy with an entrepreneurial spirit, humble and with a clear priority to help his family financially. Going to university while working part-time at Domino’s Pizza, was the way he started this journey.

However, in 2016 he stumbled upon online commerce, an aspect that caught his attention. To the point that, with no experience about this process and with bad financial advice, he invested the savings from his work in this environment.  In just a few hours, he lost all the capital he had available.

Experiences that Lead to Growth

Despite losing everything, Khan did not stop, on the contrary, loaded with great adrenaline for the world he was just discovering, he decided to go with everything he had. He invested the savings his father had set aside for college. The inexperience of this young man took its toll again, in October 2016 he would have lost all the money. About 20,000 pounds.

Besides the financial loss, disappointing his father was one of the hardest blows to Khan. However, instead of giving up, the young man persistently focused on recovering what he had lost. Sacrificing his college attendance to work full time, he began working to replace the money.

Although it was a bitter experience, Khan did not change his mind that he was on the right track about currency trading. He began to analyze and understand in depth how this environment works.

By the end of 2016 he had not only paid off the monetary debt he had with his father, but he had also become a young expert in this field, trading in the stock market, advising others on what to invest in, building a Mare Street business empire billing around £300,000 off.

He has become a reference in social networks, as the number 1 trader worldwide. On Instagram, he has over 50,000 followers and has documented his business testimony on YouTube as a way of motivating others.

Perseverance, Focus, and Conviction

Three keywords that define this self-taught young man are perseverance, focus, and conviction. Khan grew up in a socially violent environment, the close loss of friends to gangs and assaults was a major aspect of his life. He could easily have chosen that path.

But the drive to help his family and the people around him, as well as growing up independently, managing his finances, and going beyond a 9-to-5 job, were enough motivation to keep him focused, working at what he was sure would bring him success.

“My thought was, if I can turn a £250 trading account into £500, I can turn a £2500 account into £5,000 and a £25,000 account into £50,000. I was a dreamer like that, so I stood my ground and disciplined myself,” he says.

As soon as Khan started getting results, he didn’t just give the money back to his father. He became independent by moving to Dubai, bought a villa, from where he runs all his businesses. As if that weren’t enough, his promise to help has remained strong over time, as he allocates 4 percent of her income to provide food and supplies to families in third world countries like Bangladesh.

Today, Khan is fully focused on his business and on the absolute growth of opportunities that will allow him to help his family and friends achieve financial success as well.

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