From Nothing to Everything Guide by Mazayah Legend Andrews

In today’s world, where people find it difficult to find a balance between their personal life and professional life even though they are just committed to one job, yet they find it difficult but on the other hand we have Mazayah Legend Andrews who has more business then one can only imagine.

Who could imagine that someone who has no back up, no Godfather whatsoever, he would be running countless successful businesses one day. Let’s start with his first business venture Vakarui Paris that started in 2015, till date the earnings are more than 10 million dollars and by 2024 it is forecasted to make a whopping 20 Million dollars income. That’s not it, Mazayah is all set to launch a flagship store in the front of Philips Plaza Mall in Atlanta, GA by 2023-24.

Turning Passion into Profession

Luxury Cars are Mazayah’s weakness and he turned this into a successful business right before the Pandemic in 2019, by the name of FunRentals305. Not only cars but Mazayah Legend owns 2 yachts, 8 JetSkis, 4 slingshot and a boat. Even though a pandemic hit the business, FunRentals305 was able to make approx $300k during 2019-20.

There is a saying that ‘There’s always a woman behind every successful man’ but don’t forget Mazayah does not have 1 or 2, he has 3 supportive women behind him so how can anything go wrong for him?

Rosa Zelaya and Stephanie Almonte manage this business and so far they have managed to bring in more than half a million, not that bad right? considering the fact that it is a residual income for Mazayah.

Having a humble heart and mind is not very common to see these days, especially for super rich people like Mazayahwho have over 20 acres of land in Las Vegas Nevada and Atlanta, not just that but 3 condos and 1 house as well that he owns on Airbnb. This list is not done yet, Mazayah also owns some smoke shops in Miami and he will be opening up a Hookah lounge in Atlanta, GA called Zordora Hookah Lounge.

One thing that has remained constant in Mazayah’s life is that whatever he likes or is passionate about, he turns it into his profession and that’s why it’s not a surprise that all his ventures have been successful in their respective fields.

Live what you love is something Mazayah followed in his heart and that’s what made him, and put him in the position he is. Many people lose their balance when they are involved in so many businesses but the way Mazayah handles it, it’s very inspiring and he has always motivated people around him. Being in the limelight 24×7 and still being able to grow is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Real Life Love Vs Reel Life Love

When you are good at something, don’t do it for free. MazayahLegend Andrews is also known as the modern day love guru as he has broken many stereotypes by leading a Polygamy Relationship with 3 wives that takes a lot of courage not just on a particular day but every single day as his life is in front of millions through his social media constantly.

Don’t be surprised to know that Mazayah is in the Top10 Male OnlyFans content creator list, and in earnings he is just behind Tyga, an American rapper and JimmySmacks. Mazayah has earned more than 3.1 Million dollars through his OnlyFans.

The content is extremely passionate as the chemistry that Mazayah shares with all his wives is unmatchable and that is very rare to see these days, there is no jealousy or competition between the wives because Mazayah treats them equally and the wives are equally supportive and loving too. Not only on luxury vacations but all of them have been together with each other in all their ups and downs.

Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or OnlyFans, Mazayahhas always received a tremendous amount of love and support from his fans throughout the world and he has given back a lot to the community as well.

Countless food drives for the homeless, whopping undisclosed amounts to charities, he has done it all and he is willing to take it to a next level. The best part about his giveaways is that he does not like to publicize his good deeds because he likes to keep it low-key.

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