From One Milestone To Another: Khalifa Al Matrooshi Went From Renting Cars To Renting Yachts

Yachts and luxury cars in Dubai are a sure bet. Yachting is a fantastic activity and a wonderful opportunity to explore the sea, see cities in a new light, and have fun! It is an opportunity to make some awesome memories with your loved ones.

Car and yacht rental organizations are filling in number every day, and accompany advantages of their own, one such vehicle and yacht rental organization is K7 Kam exotic rentals which is run by an Emirati businessman, Khalifa Al Matrooshi who although has been in this business for just a year, has been extremely successful and has expanded to leasing yachts.

It All Started with Renting Out Cars

Khalifa Al Matrooshi is an admirer of luxury cars, while he has many in his personal collection, he noticed that not every person can manage the cost of buying one, but rather most people crave the experience and thrill that accompanies an extravagant vehicle. A lot of his friends and personal connections constantly borrowed his vehicles which led him to recognize the demand and K7 Kam Exotic rentals was born.

Khalifa began with leasing supercars from his assortment to his friends and family, everybody adored the experience while additionally not delving a hole in their pockets, thus, K7 Kam Exotic rentals picked up in the market. In a range of one year, it developed a fleet of 34 rare cars.

Individuals loved the service, and the vehicles are constantly fully booked as the request is high because of their exceptional service, easy processing and unique fleet.

Yachts Rentals- An extension of K7 Kam Rentals

As the vehicle business got recognition, Khalifa realized the business had a lot of potential and he knew it was now the time to expand. A few days back, he declared that he is extending this business of luxury car rentals to now include yachts.

He realized that just like extravagant vehicles, he can execute the same business model and with winter fast approaching and travel slowly getting back to normal, the timing was perfect.

He has effectively acquired two yachts so far that have been developed and constructed in Dubai and is prepared to lease them out for individuals to make some magnificent memories.

Being a resident of Dubai, he knew the interest of yachts there, and although there are numerous rental companies, he can stay ahead of the competition by building a good fleet, making the process easy and convenient while having a focus on customer satisfaction and service.

The Yachting World

While in Dubai, A Day on a yacht is an absolute necessity. Individuals who love big social gatherings or want to simply relax and unwind with their friends, family or partners, can lease a yacht, arrange a party, or go fishing.

Dubai has a huge market that craves luxury, and although buying a yacht for millions of dirhams is not practical or possible for the majority, renting one for a day or two has become extremely popular. The Dubai skyline and the views from the ocean are breathtaking and instills a sense of tranquility.

Yachts are not just rented by tourists, a lot of clients are the local residents who celebrate social and special occasions, just want to unwind for a cruise and want to get away from the city.

Khalifa and his team at K7 Kam exotic rentals endeavour to perfect this experience by going the extra mile and providing everything you would need with 5 star amenities and services. All the captains are well experienced and trained in hospitality.

Khalifa, being the visionary and strategist that he is,  knows about every convenience a yacht can provide, and for the individuals who can’t get it, procuring a yacht on lease for a particular time frame period is an alternative and a luxury that can’t be missed. K7 Kam exotic rentals are still adding more Yachts and super cars to their fleet and intend on branching out to the surrounding cities by the end of the year.

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