From Software Sales to Building a Profitable Business with Family First Life USA in Just Two Years

Maybe you’ve been in this same predicament as Grady Polcyn when he kept telling himself, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

From network marketing to software sales, Grady called his own shots and always worked harder than anyone around him. It looked as though he was successful, but he failed to make enough money to pay for the life his family deserved. Yes, anyone can own their own business, but it has to make money and turn a profit.

Thankfully, just three short years ago, Grady was introduced to the life insurance profession by Andrew Taylor and Shawn Meaike, who is the founder of Family First Life. It was then that an entirely new business model unfolded before his eyes. Every day more than 50,000 people are filling out requests for life insurance online, but the industry does not have enough agents to help them get protected. When someone does help them, huge insurance companies pay out strong commissions. Grady knew this was something he could do and he knew others who could do the same.

First, he wanted to prove the concept, so he became a Top 25 Producer in each of his first two years in the business. Running appointments and earning over $250,000 in year one. As he built a team, his earnings grew because he showed others how they could earn that level of income as well. In his third year with the company his team issued over $30 Million in sales.

Grady learned a proven system from Andrew and Shawn that was duplicatable across the country. Someone of any age, who was coachable and worked hard, could do this. Since FFL is not an MLM, you don’t have to hire people to make money or pay a fee to join the company. Family First Life allows you to become a high-income producing agent and the opportunity to build your own agency. The numbers don’t lie. Grady now makes a multi seven figure income!

Grady’s success story is still in the early chapters, but there is no doubt that what he did on his own is a common denominator when it comes to insurance sales. How he has helped others earn millions is very unique because he has done it with humility and has not slowed down.

Grady is one to watch and definitely someone any new agent would want to be mentored by. In Grady’s words, “The best thing about Family First Life is that anyone who works hard, no matter how bad their current situation is, can do what I did. This business has allowed my team to get paid every day. It’s a testament to how special FFL is and how normal it can become for those that work here.”

About Family First Life USA

FFL USA is a sub agency of Family First Life that was founded in 2013 by Andrew Taylor. Family First Life USA provides a full spectrum of insurance products to clients nationwide. In 2021, FFL USA expects to produce more than $175 million of annualized paid premium in the final expense, mortgage protection and annuity markets, while helping more than 200,000 Americans with their life insurance and annuity needs.

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