From Struggles to Success: Sven Baserbaschi on How He Made a Name for Himself in Germany

It is only after several trials and failures, you achieve success. Sven Baserbaschi is a successful entrepreneur after multiple failures in his works. This Germany-based entrepreneur was always perplexed about his life goals. He initially joined the military service and got the training of a tank driver in the German Army in 1999. However, his interest lied somewhere else and he decided to not work in the army then. In the year 2003, Baserbaschi found his new interest in cooking and he wanted to become a cook. He completed his apprenticeship in 2006 and then went to Dubai to try his luck as a cook. However, he could not build connections which led him returning to Germany.

“I was aimless about my future. Things did not work in my favour but I never gave up and kept trying new things,” said the entrepreneur. In 2008, he got hitched and started ventured into the business of having a café. Unfortunately, it was a big failure and he went into debt. The loan he took from his mother to start the café went in vain which left Sven devastated. On his friend’s insistence, he took up the certificate of competence which let him work in the security company. When his internship got completed, he got an offer to work as an employee or a subcontractor. While working there, Baserbaschi decided to build a security firm of his own which was a turning point in his life.

After establishing his security firm in 2011, Baserbaschi worked endlessly as he did not have an employee under him. He worked for almost 15 hours a day and enjoyed his work. His hard work paid off when his first payment was 1700 euros. “It helped me clear all my losses and at the end of 2011, my company grew constantly by employing more workforce,” he said. The year 2014 was a money-spinner for him when Baserbaschi’s company received a massive order for fire protection in Berlin’s reputed mall. The contract was worth several million euros which made him a sensation. “It was a surreal feeling as things changed. I got all the luxuries which I once dreamt to have,” revealed Baserbaschi.

Today, Baserbaschi has got many exotic cars and owns a lovely home. In September 2019, Baserbaschi even established a recording studio in association with his friend. Germany’s music scenario is growing and this young man’s music label became everyone’s favourite choice. Their music label started functioning in 6 months and they even got an artist on board for a song. The first song under Sven’s recording label released on July 24, 2020. As of now, Baserbaschi is putting in his time in understanding Instagram. He is keen to build an active fanbase on the social media platform. When asked about his inspiration, he said that Sylvester Stallone has been the man who always pushed him beyond his limits. Besides the security firm, the entrepreneur is also a real estate investor and will make his foray in several other ventures.

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