From the Military to Digital Investment: The Story of Mac Angelo

Every entrepreneur has a different beginning. Some start off in the sphere of finance or real estate. Others, like Mac Angelo, begin their training in the military. Angelo is a digital space investor and mentor who focuses on inspiring and helping others through his diverse line of work.

Angelo has always had a passion for business. His military training served as the perfect foundation that taught him cooperation, discipline, and strategy. A curious mind, Angelo has explored many different industries, including e-commerce, drop-shipping, sales, and communication. He ultimately chose digital investing as the area he wanted to focus on and make a real difference in the world.

Angelo is an invaluable partner for many entrepreneurs who work in the e-commerce, trading, and credit industries. He’s always happy to evaluate a product and offer his expert advice on improving it and increasing profit.

Angelo loves to help people repair their credit because this is one of the most pressing issues that the majority of society faces these days. He is there to help with funding, as well, because the two truly go hand-in-hand.

What really makes Angelo different from the competition is that he has enough expertise to help in more than one area. “My competitors often just do credit repair or funding. But doing each of these things individually only gets you so far. I strive to be able to offer a broader scope and paint a full picture,” he shares.

Angelo launched his company called LevelXstream back in the year 2017, but he has recently gone fully digital and is able to reach many more clients across the globe. “The company is almost like a bank, you could say. We use a private relationship model for all of our clients. This is my competitive advantage; I’m able to offer everything. It’s like a one-stop-shop. Of course, I like to partner with others to offer a well-rounded product,” says Angelo.

Clients often come to Angelo with bad credit and leave not only with that issue cleared up but with a seven-figure revenue. He credits this success to his holistic approach when it comes to financing. He is always available to offer investment advice, which is a real game-changer for those who have never looked into the investment world and are looking to improve their financial wealth.

While Angelo did more one-on-one mentorship in the past, he has found that what works much better is simply doing all the work for his clients. He has a dedicated team that works around the clock to provide the best service possible for each individual case. Business is going so well for Angelo that he doesn’t need to spend a dime on advertising. “All of our traffic is organic, and we work with affiliates. They resell our services and promote us, and it’s working extremely well,” he shares. The future looks bright for this multi-talented entrepreneur whose passion for helping others and personal growth is truly insatiable. 

To learn more about Mac Angelo and his companies, follow his social media.

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