From Trauma To Inner Peace With the Warrior of Love Amy Bingham

Trauma is tricky – it manifests differently for every person. For some, it can be a completely overwhelming force that affects every area of life. For others, it is a gnawing sensation that sits uncomfortably at the corners of the mind. No matter how it manifests, trauma can be incredibly difficult to navigate and even harder to release. 

The most common method of dealing with trauma is therapy. While there’s no disputing that therapy can be highly beneficial for working through emotions and identifying new modes of thinking, sometimes it can’t completely eradicate pain and grief. This is because in some cases the trauma has become so deep-rooted that it has infiltrated on a cellular level.

The good news is that no matter how deep trauma goes, it doesn’t have to be an overriding negative force in your life. There are ways to turn it into a springboard for intense personal growth and transformation. Amy Bingham is living proof that you can emerge on the other side of grief with a renewed vibrance, a sense of inner peace, and an in-depth understanding of your purpose in life.

A Year of Loss

Six years ago, Amy had what most would call a comfortable life. She worked as a software developer for an internationally renowned company, lived in a beautiful home, and had a husband and two children with a third on the way whom she adored. Then one fateful day in December, her 17-year-old son committed suicide, bringing her world crashing down.

“It was very unexpected,” Amy says. “He always lived life to the fullest. He was busy in high school and extremely athletic. However, during one sports event, he suffered a major head injury. After that, he would get concussions even from the tiniest bumps to his head. Then he started losing his memory and I saw how much that scared him. I could see so much in him shutting down, but it was still so unexpected.”

Like any parent would be, Amy was consumed with grief. Just four months later, she gave birth to her third child, which should have been a joyous event. However, Amy felt torn between the two worlds of grieving for her son and being there for her infant daughter and family. Then her husband left, and not long afterward, the couple divorced.

“I was in a complete fog,” she says. “And yet here I was needing to provide for my family as a single mom and hold my life together. I had a job that required extreme focus, but I wasn’t even coherent. I tried everything from PTSD treatments to group grief therapy, but nothing worked. I had moments where I wanted to check myself into a hospital because I felt like I was done. I spent years in the depths of that.”

Digging Deep

Photo Credit: Amy Bingham, with permission

It wasn’t until Amy was introduced to energy healing that she felt something shift. After just one session, there was an immediate release. She says: “It was a massive eye-opener for me. It blew my mind how our cells can hold memory and trauma and emotions. They hold our entire life experience. I saw that by actually digging in and touching and cleansing cells, that’s where the real work is done.

“I realized then that it doesn’t matter how much we say things like, ‘Every day I’m going to get up and fight for my life and get better and healthier. It isn’t until we tap into those things on a cellular level that healing can really unfold. I finally got to a place where I knew that grief was no longer working for me and that I needed to completely release it. Once I surrendered to that, I opened the doors to this whole other world.”

Encouraged by the personal gains she was making, Amy began studying more about energy healing and delving into different modalities. In doing so, she discovered that she had her own healing capabilities and methods of releasing trapped emotions. She also recognized that her son’s death could be a gift rather than a burden. 

“I know that my son and I had a soul contract and that was for him to touch as many lives as possible and to spark a massive transition in my awakening,” she says. “Now I have a much different perspective on suicide and child loss. Sometimes that triggers people because it’s not how the majority navigate grief. But it’s a story that I get to tell and it inspires a lot of people.”

Leaning Into the Glow

Photo Credit: Amy Bingham, with permission

Amy’s journey into energy healing led her down paths she never would have thought possible. A year ago she created Lean Into Your Glow, a healing program that tackles deep-rooted pain and blockages, then left her corporate job in March 2021. Through her new company’s programs, she now helps others clear out trapped trauma, release limiting beliefs, and manifest abundance. She works with individuals one-on-one, as well as in groups, including corporate sessions.

“My main goal is to show others that we all have healers within us and to give people the tools they need to connect to their higher selves,” she says. “I hold sacred spaces where anybody who enters can effortlessly release their limiting beliefs from childhood or culture that are holding them back and not serving their path in life. 

“Essentially I take on people’s pain, their blocks, and their energy blocks and release it for them. I work on getting them back to trusting their intuition and being in tune with their body. What I mean by that is being able to feel the slightest nudge of pain or discomfort and being able to immediately target it and create an emotional release to get rid of that energy that is stuck. It’s really about getting back to your inner light. Or as I like to say, leaning into your glow.”

One piece of advice that Amy often gives to people struggling to find their inner light is to trust their own intuition. This is something that has helped her throughout her transformation and something she continues to do to this day. For example, she recently decided to quit her 20-year  corporate career, sell her house in Utah and move to Bali, a place she had never been before but has felt a compelling draw to.

She says, “What’s massive for me is the complete surrender to the unknown, that’s where the magic is. The fated life is the one we were born into. The destiny of life is the one our soul chooses, and it takes courage and faith to live and create from your soul. Every step of the process, I’ve aligned into my intuition and knowing. I don’t need to have it written out for anyone else to understand, most wouldn’t dare to take this big of a leap. I may be putting everyone through panic attacks with these decisions and this move across the world, but I just come back to myself. Back to that calm peaceful knowing that I’m supposed to do this, and I won’t let anything come between that.”

By delving deep into her own trauma and pain, Amy found her purpose in life, and that is to help others turn their personal trauma into inner peace. She is currently writing a book also titled Lean Into the Glow that she hopes will give more people the inspiration to embark on their own incredible journeys. 


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