From Travel Expert to Profitable Business Owner, Kfir Amos Explains His Journey to Success

As a travel enthusiast with plans to see beautiful places worldwide, Kfir Amos first started visiting a few countries and eventually decided in 2003 to travel the world full-time. While he’s explored many fantastic areas and met a lot of people along the way, there is much more to him than his love for travel.

He has since become the founder and owner of four different businesses, starting from the bottom. He’s put the work and effort into each company to build them from scratch. Because of his experience and level of success, he’s become an inspiration to travel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs everywhere.

The Start of His Travels

Before traveling the world and starting four businesses, Kfirjoined the military. After the time spent in the military, Kfirdecided to start exploring amazing places around the world. Some of these places include Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam, to name a few.

While he made incredible memories along the way, he experienced numerous challenges and considered those hurdles as lessons learned. In addition to these great places, he’s trekked across North America and Europe.

Turning Passion Into a Business Venture

After spending time in different countries, Kfir wanted more in life and decided to start a business. While he still maintained a regular job, it didn’t leave him feeling fulfilled. So, with a bit of a push from a good friend, he decided it was time to leave the traditional workforce in 2015 and never look back.

Instead, he began working as a private travel planner to help others plan the perfect trips to places around the country. While he loved what he was doing, he needed to earn more of a living, which led to him starting an e-commerce business on Amazon.

His first e-commerce store, Fresh Fashion Design, appeared to have quick success. But, after running the business for about four years, he decided it was the right time to sell the website and start a new project, Bay Tech Media. Kfir Amos founded Bay Tech Media to help businesses of all sizes improve media engagement and increase their revenue.

“Our goal is to help brands increase engagement with social media users through high-quality content creation. We monitor the progress brands make to get more engagement and see a better response from the consumers,” said Amos. “With Bay Tech Media, companies can create more of a buzz around their brand and get the recognition they deserve. Business owners want to have success but often struggle with engagement on social media. However, we’re there to help!”

In addition to helping big and small companies with social media with Bay Tech Media, Kfir Amos works with green hotels and focuses heavily on a new project, @NFTCreators_. The new project supports the stage for digital creators by showcasing the talents of aspiring artists.

Kfir Amos may have started with a passion for travel but has quickly become a serial entrepreneur creating several successful businesses that thrive. While his success is an inspiration, it’s even more motivating to future entrepreneurs starting businesses from scratch.

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