From Working Nursing Homes to Producing for Toni Braxton Producer PromoBoi is R&B Weapon

From A&R-ing Toni Braxton’s “Do It” To co-writing For Artists Such As Tinashe, Mila J, And Migos. Promo’s capacity to help other artists knows no bounds. In the eleventh grade, he dropped out of high school. Promo began making songs in his mother’s living room in 2007.
He’d burn the tunes to CDs and hand them out at school. To gain a following, he persuaded classmates that the songs were by well-known singers such as Rihanna, T.I., and Ne-Yo. As a result, the method helped him gain fame. ” I Was Working at a Nursing Home And One Day I got called into the office and they said I was being let go, I never in my life been more upset and confused because I would wake up every morning and give it my all. not spending time with my girlfriend, my friends just to make sure I was home on time to sleep and wake up.
So once they fired me I said to myself I would never work for anybody again in my life and I will take the same focus I came to that job and put it into my music. Fast forward to 2019 Promo Has Been Dm-ing Toni Braxton for 6 months straight sending her Demo’s And Song Ideas For Her Next Single This Method Eventually Worked. On June 26th, 2020 Toni Braxton Released ” Do it ” Featuring Hip Hop Star Missy Elliot. Which Promo Produced And Arranged.
Adding Bigger Chords And Stacking Singing Vocals As His R&B Template Gave Promo His Signature Sound. Promo Pushes To Bring Back Early 2000’s R&B But Formatted For This Generation Of Sound.

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