Fulfilling my Desire to Help People by Providing a Free Diet for COVID-19 Patients – Garima Goyal.

Garima Goyal

Garima Goyal is a dietitian and diabetes educator. She is from Ludhiana , Punjab. She guides people to manage diet and help in their disease through it. She is well known in her fraternity for her amazing work and the assured results. Her clients love her for her way of working; they are deprived of nothing while following her diet plan.

She has a huge fan base of people following her on social media channels and are overwhelmed by her guidance.  She not only recommends them diet according to their need but also encourages them to do a regular workout. She says diet and workout goes hand in hand. She herself is conscious about her health and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Her fundamentals are clear, she says being on a diet doesn’t mean to starve yourself it means to eat healthy. She recommends diet plans to diabetic patients and also to the patients suffering from PCOD and PCOS. She also pays importance to the fact that her clients must not be deprived from the delicious delicacies.  She mentioned one can eat all they want if they choose the healthier ingredients.

Over the years, she has been able to help a huge number of patients through her medical diet plans and nutritional charts. From analysing their nutritional health to supplementing their diet plans with rich foods, she has also been involved in expanding nutritional scope for the patients and helping them get better in a short span of time.

Currently, she is providing free diet plans to the patients suffering from corona. She suggests taking precautions and a healthy diet for her patients. Social distancing and meditation surely works in the favour. She provides nutritional assessments , blood report analysis,  diet counseling and two weeks of proper diet plan according to the need all these at free of cost.

It’s really easy to get in touch with her by just clicking a link on the given profile or just by pinging them on the given whatsapp number. Her team will contact you as soon as possible.

Ofcourse,  medicine works in the favour but diet can do so much to your body that is beyond the imagination of people. She always has the desire to help people that are taking her this way. Right now due to the pandemic she guides people through online channels of connectivity.

Recently the festival of navratri passed by and on the occasion she shared daily fasting diet on her social media channels. Different diets for all 9 days. As the motto is to eat healthy and not to starve.


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