Full Books Marketing’s Daniel Phung Shares 5 Steps to Increase Your Brand Credibility

Consumers are increasingly thinking about brand credibility when choosing between different offerings, services, and products. Poll after poll shows that consumers crave authenticity in brands, regardless of the niche or industry. If a brand lacks credibility, it will also lack authenticity, pushing potential customers away in the process. Consequently, brand credibility has become a point of contention and a thorn in the side of thousands of businesses around the world that fail to convince consumers that they are the real deal.

Moreover, Brand credibility is essential in the digital space, as businesses only have one chance to make an impression on their audience. Consumers often create a split-second opinion as soon as they land on a business’ webpage. When people come across a business page for the first time, they will take a quick glance and judge it based on a variety of factors, from visual appeal to the ease of its UI. Thus, brand credibility begins as soon as someone starts engaging with a business, online or off.

Daniel Phung’s 5 Steps to Build Credibility For Your Brand

As the founder of Full Books Marketing, Daniel Phung works with businesses in need of branding and marketing strategies on a daily basis. Fortunately, he has 5 steps to help businesses build their credibility today!

Step 1 – Focus On Social Media Growth

Having a big following is important, but getting high engagements rates on your posts is even more valuable. You can have 100,000 followers, but if nobody engages with your brand on social media, that following means virtually nothing. For this reason, you need to focus on real social media growth (as opposed to just buying fake followers or similarly underhanded methods). Naturally, this will take time, but if you can start to accumulate a loyal base of consumers who like what you have to offer, it will greatly increase your brand credibility with people who are interacting with your business for the first time. As your social media following grows, it will boost your social proof and help you appear as the popular brand that everyone prefers over the competition.

Step 2 – Actively Work On Your Public Relations

Public relations has been shown to be 90% more effective than advertising when it comes to establishing credibility. Anyone with some extra cash can create an aggressive advertising campaign, but it takes much greater skill and nuance to manage public relations directly. Nonetheless, it’s one of the quickest ways to increase credibility for your brand and associate yourself with bigger companies and brands. By putting your brand out there and connecting with larger platforms, you can build curiosity, interest, and credibility — all at the same time.

Step 3 – Build Your Personal Brand Simultaneously

When we think of powerful companies, we often think of the powerful men and women who run them. For example, Elon Musk has built a personal brand around himself while simultaneously building one of the most valuable companies on the planet — Tesla. This helped him reach a larger audience and made him appear as the ultimate authority in the realm of new tech. Therefore, building your personal brand alongside your company’s brand can help turn you into an expert and leader in your niche or industry. While many entrepreneurs prefer to hide behind their brands, this can make it appear as if the brand lacks any kind of human touch. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build a persona to bolster the authenticity of your business.

Step 4 – Engage With Influencer Marketing

Influencers are everywhere on social media, and they are defined by the power they have to literally “influence” the actions and behaviors of millions of people. As a result, partnering with influencers is a very fast and simple way to build trust by leveraging the audience of one or more credible influencers. In turn, this can help assimilate some or all of another person’s audience into your own. It will also allow you to specifically target the right audience by finding influencers in your niche and speaking directly to their followers.

Step 5 – Know Why You Do What You Do

Every entrepreneur needs to know the reason “why” they started a business or a brand in the first place. If you lack this vision and purpose, it will be obvious to consumers. They can sniff out a lackluster brand from a mile away. So, figure out why you do what you do. Then, come up with a plan to communicate this purpose to consumers. In doing so, you will appear far more genuine and create a greater sense of trust with your audience.

Do you want to connect with Daniel Phung directly? If so, you can check out his website at danielphung.co or find him on Instagram right here. Finally, if you’re interested in increasing your brand’s credibility, visit Daniel’s website at www.fullbooksmarketing.com today!

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