Funny Animal Social Media Accounts to Follow on IG and TikTok

Looking for funny animals? Be sure to check out our list of top pets on Instagram and TikTok.

Anyone and everyone, including your pets, can become popular using social media like Instagram.

Pet Instagram accounts are among the most popular on the app, and they’re total celebrities when it comes to garnering all the likes (while also being completely charming).

Following these adorable animals on Instagram will make your feed more interesting. The experience will be unforgettable.

A powerful Instagram influencer doesn’t need to be human to accumulate millions of followers and earn millions of dollars.

Animal-specific influencer agencies, brand partnerships, and advertisements on TV and in magazines have been spawned into the world of pet influencers in the last few years.

With all of that being said, here are some of the best funny animal social media accounts you need to follow on Instagram and TikTok.

1. Coby the Cat

Rebecca Schefkind’s pet cat Coby, a British shorthair and tuxedo, has more than a million Instagram followers, as well as business deals and sponsorships since launching his social media profiles about a year ago.

Coby, the cat, has a huge fan base on TikTok and Instagram and entertaining the audience with funny content.

2. Jill the Squirrel

A further evacuation, this time as a survivor of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana in 2012, 6-year-old Jill the Squirrel is described as a “vegetarian” and “Parkour specialist whose only fear is the vacuum” in her Instagram profile.

For mesmerizing close-up video of squirrels in their natural habitat as they eat their favorite snacks, interact with her humans, or have fun with Starbucks napkins, Follow her on Facebook.

3. White Coffee Cat

Nala Cat, who has seven million followers across social platforms, is owned by someone who owns White Coffee Cat.

In 2016, Coffee was diagnosed with cancer and had been closely followed by her fans since then in her recovery from that diagnosis.

In addition to launching a line of coffee products, Coffee’s good looks have contributed to developing a range of merchandise related to cats. And no matter if you like funny meme pictures or cute cat videos, you can find plenty of them when searching for White Coffee Cat online.

4. Cole and Marmalade

In 2013, the siblings were first introduced to each other by making videos in which they star as Cole and Marmalade.

Despite the cat’s youthful status, it has become the face of a website and YouTube channel that often include news and educational content on pets and animals and cute videos inspired by the cats’ antics.

5. Juniper Foxx

The pet list on this site consists predominantly of cats and dogs. However, one pet isn’t a cat or dog: Juniper, a pet red fox.

It is well known for its outlandish action, making it seem like she is preying on the strongest or most delicate individuals.

Fig and the dog, Moose, share Juniper’s house, boasting some of the most fantastic Social Media content.

6. Maya Polar Bear

Many YouTube video bloggers like Maya record vlogs and Instagram challenges. Samoyed dogs have even been found to record ASMR videos, most of them expressing their experiences trying out new foods.

The YouTube channel just recently surpassed the million subscriber points, and Maya was presented with a plaque and a gold play button as a token of accomplishment.

7. Tucker Budzyn

There’s nothing special about Tucker except for his adorable glances and insane exaggerations that have gone viral.

The affectionate captions of his videos and famous dog internet expressions always help to gain his traction throughout social media.

And with so many of the videos featuring different products and dog gifts, there is always something new and interesting to discover.

8. Nala Cat

As the earliest days of Instagram began, her owners created captions in the pet’s view through social media in 2012.

Aside from Nala, White Coffee Cat and six of her owners’ seven cats on Instagram, featured earlier in the list, are the most famous of all their pets. These cats are providing funny and memes content to their followers.

Searching Out the Best Funny Pets and Animals on Social Media

When it comes to finding funny and lovable animals on the internet, social media is always going to be one of the best places for you to start in the journey.

No matter if you are looking for memes or videos, simply add those hashtags into the mix and get started in the search process. In fact, you never know what you might just randomly find next, and it’s always great to add some laughter to your day!

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