Furkan Aibani Also Known As SavageNewsFurkan The Best Storyteller

Furkan Aibani, also known as Savagenewsfurkan, is one of the top horror story and conspiracy video creators on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels and Snapchat Spotlight. He has always been able to entertain the audience with his style of editing, background music & storytelling.

He exposes many theories in Hindi and no one has done it in India yet with his amazing skills and ability to make us believe. He is a Tiktok creator who never makes lip syncs or copies of others’ sounds/content. He is the original content creator.

He started creating a video on YouTube with no success. Then, with the intrigue and horror story ideas, I started making TikTok videos during the lockdown time, which gained 1.1 million followers in just 20 days and 300k (3 Lakh) subscribers on YouTube.

He is also spotted in Dhani App TV commercial and when we asked him about that so he said it was random and did it just for fun. In an interview, he said he never gave up, believing that his next video could go viral. His family has always supported him during his struggle and have appreciated his work even when he was lacking in many respects.

Currently, he is a quite popular YouTuber & TikTok star in Mumbai. He received many sponsors from different brands and worked with Lays, Doritos, Amazon India, Netflix and many more.

He spends most of his time creating, editing, and thinking about content. He is willing to accept feedback and criticism and will work on them. He is open to ideas and trends. There was a time when the trend was followed by fashion, but now it is fashionable.

His fans love him in his voice, which makes them watch more of his videos.

He has over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 60,000 followers on Instagram and verified on Snapchat. The biggest reason for his growth is that he is constantly improving content and production quality. And upload 2-3 videos daily which is not an easy task for anyone. Besides social media, he also handles his work life and family with his mother, father and brother.

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