Gaël Bonnel-Sanchez: The Visionary Who Gives Life a New Chance by Sending Human DNA to Deep Space

Gaël describes the project as “a futuristic Noah’s Ark

“Since it’s highly likely that life was brought to Earth in microbial form by a comet or an asteroid coming from another planet, then we can send it back to the Universe, to reproduce humanity elsewhere,” explains the French entrepreneur Gaël Bonnel Sanchez. With this idea in mind, he founded Interstellar Humanity: an innovative project aiming to give life a new chance by sending human DNA out of the Solar System for the first time in history.  

The Interstellar Humanity mission will gather multiple samples of human DNA into secure capsules. Along with a collection of data aiming to symbolize the nature of humanity, these will be launched into deep space, beyond the reaches of the Solar System. Gaël describes the project as “a futuristic Noah’s Ark, unrestricted by time and space, travelling across the universe in order to find continuity and rebirth for humanity: a revolution of evolution.”

Reinventing space exploration

Gaël’s approach to space exploration is indeed revolutionary, particularly in its emancipation of scientific research from the constraints of time as we know it. While most space projects are focused on producing tangible results within the lifetimes of contemporary generations, Interstellar Humanity will allow the mission to progress at its own pace, entrusting control of its future to nature and the universe. Rather than searching for a viable living environment outside of the Solar System – which could still take hundreds of years’ worth of research – Gaël’s project is focused on delivering human DNA to deep space to give it an opportunity to grow in hitherto unexplored reaches of the universe. 

The concept behind Interstellar Humanity is nowhere near as far-fetched as it may sound at first. Human DNA stores all of the genetic information a cell needs to build and maintain a functioning organism. Once in deep space, our DNA will face new worlds of potentially endless opportunities: human genome that reaches a favorable environment can be led to thrive by the force of nature. It can even be found by a more advanced civilization capable of aiding the growth of new life. 

Turning a vision into reality

What started as a visionary dream turned out to be a challenging – but feasible – scientific project, considered viable by renowned NASA and Harvard scientists. As CEO of Interstellar Humanity, Gaël has brought together an extraordinary team of experts from a range of disciplines:  

An eminent scientist advises Interstellar Humanity’s Science and Innovation Department. The renowned engineer, timepiece creator, and former pharmaceutical researcher Christophe Golay has taken on the role of CTO, while an economist specializing in DNA storage services advises the DNA Conservation Department. Dr Liliana Bakayoko, Attorney at Law at the Paris Bar and former Professor of Law, became the new COO of the Legal and Organizational Department.

“We have to admit that human brains cannot yet imagine the implications of our DNA being discovered by a far more progressive civilization”, emphasizes Gaël Bonnel Sanchez in reference to the endless, unfathomable possibilities potentially offered by the Interstellar Humanity project. Dr Liliana Bakayoko adds,

“Life often proves to be incredibly stronger and more imaginative than we can presume. If driven to new fertile grounds, it usually finds a way to take the opportunity to evolve by itself.”

The first exclusive launch of 10 000 Interstellar Humanity DNA capsules is projected for 2025 and is already open for pre-reservations. In the meantime, anyone can apply to become an Interstellar Humanity space traveler.

Gaël’s Earlier Creations

Gaël Bonnel Sanchez is not new to innovation. He has already successfully put several of his ingenious ideas into practice, including Black G, Almas Vodka, Heroïca Tempus, and MyMoth, among others. GBS Renovatio Project, the French holding company that he has recently founded (which owns all of these innovative projects) is tasked with their promotion.

Black G and Almas Vodka

Even before Pernod Ricard and Petrossian, Gaël was the first entrepreneur in the world to create and market a caviar-flavored vodka. Following the successful launch of Black G Caviar Vodka, his ambition to deepen the sensation of drinking caviar has driven him to invent Almas Vodka. The exclusive spirit is the only beverage in the world that contains the incredibly rare golden variety of caviar obtained from the albino sturgeon (Almas caviar). 

Heroïca Tempus and MyMoth

Gaël has also brought a breath of fresh air to the jewelry and timepiece industry. He has invented Heroïca Tempus, a line of unique handmade watches containing authentic signatures of famous historical figures. The collection includes watches with genuine signatures of Napoléon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein, manufactured by the Swiss watch creator Christophe Golay (from Golay Spierer).


Written by Garry Logan

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