Gain Actor Beshoy Mehany Reveals Social Media Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Hollywood Career

29-year-old actor/influencer Beshoy Mehany, who has a featured role in 2022’s $40-million Gain and has entertained millions with his prank videos, knows how important it is for actors to engage with the online community. “Hollywood is a tough industry to break into,” he says. “Getting noticed by a studio or agent often comes down to how you’re utilizing social media to promote yourself.

It’s vital that you increase your online followers since that can help you to get a role over another actor whose following is smaller.” With that in mind, Beshoy has offered to give actors the secrets behind his own successful Instagram page, where he engages with his followers each day through fun, compelling posts.

“First, it’s crucial that you have a strategy for how you’ll use social media to obtain specific results,” Beshoy begins. “I have seen some of my very talented peers open an Instagram or Twitter account and just get going. The problem with that is they are posting great pictures that ultimately serve no purpose.

They’re working hard to create content, but what is it adding up to? Sooner or later, they look around and realize that they haven’t achieved the results they were hoping for. In my case, I knew that I wanted a strong platform that would allow me to post my prank videos and engage with my followers at the same time. Instagram was the perfect choice, and because I thought ahead, I knew where I was going with Instagram and was able to cultivate the strong following I have today.”

Beshoy continues by saying that posting regularly and consistently will maximize an actor’s online presence. “To gain followers, I recommend being predictable in your publishing schedule,” he states. “You may love social media like I do, but really, it’s a lot like a job. Whether you’re sick, tired, busy, or something else, you still need to be posting when your followers expect you to. When you fall off because something major is happening in your life, you will lose people.

To accomplish my own publishing schedule, I get up pretty early in the morning, and often I’m up late creating more posts. It’s all done to keep followers engaged, which can be a great boost to an actor’s chances of receiving a role. Remember: the person who sees your posts could be the one who can open doors for you.”

Beshoy is a big believer in being authentic. “People can smell ‘fake’ a mile away,” he believes. “From the comments of my followers, I’ve come to believe they really do appreciate seeing you as a real person and not just an image. Let out your sense of humor. Show your goofy side! On my Instagram page, I’ve got my prank videos, of course, but also some candid shots that show me just chilling in New Jersey or meeting random people on the street. Try to show that you are a three-dimensional person and not just an actor who wants attention. That way, you can connect more with your followers.”

While having varied content is important, remember to make it interesting, says Beshoy. “You may only have 30 seconds to capture someone’s interest and make them a follower of your page. What will you post that is so captivating that they have to come back again and again? I decided to post prank videos because people love to laugh. They’re also short and are the perfect way for someone to take a quick break from the stress of their day. What can you post that will be catchy and memorable?”

Ultimately, Beshoy believes that the secret behind an actor’s ability to grow their social media platform is that they have fun. “It’s a lot of work to manage your pages, but if you’re having fun, it will be work that you enjoy and can help you to get noticed. See you online!”

Beshoy Mehany is an actor/influencer who was born on January 7, 1992, in Cairo, Egypt. At age 9, he moved to Jersey City in the United States after his father died. He then discovered his calling as an actor, and at 18, he was hired to be in the reality show Bear Swamp Recovery.

Beshoy received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In 2019, he began making prank videos and has recently been offered a featured role in 2022’s Gain. For more information on Beshoy and to watch the videos enjoyed by millions on the Internet, please visit:




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