Gaining Financial Freedom With Amazon – Meet Louis Albanese

Financial freedom is having enough residual income to cover your day to day living expenses. It’s not about being rich and having tons of money at your disposal, it is having enough money to spend whenever the need arises. With that, you can now spend your precious time doing things you like rather than trying hard to earn money. It is taking ownership of your finances. You have a dependable cash flow and that allows you to live the life you want.

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world are problem solvers. They identify a need, and offer a solution. This brings us to the remarkable Louis Albanese. Lou has always had the conviction to help people, and this helped influence his entrepreneurial endeavours greatly. What better need to solve than the one regarding finances.

Louis Albanese finds purpose in helping others create wealth, in turn helping them to be financially free. And this led to the birth of his company Amazon Freedom.

At Amazon freedom, they help build Amazon stores for their clients. Remember, time is our most valuable asset, and putting your trust in Amazon freedom, you’d have a lot of time left on your hands to do other things you need to do. Because Lou has created a system or rather a community that helps you earn extra cash whilst doing little or no work. “At Amazon Freedom, we build 7 figure stores for each of our clients, while handling all of the day to day tedious work” He says. Lou says the uniqueness of the business is the network. They have created a community that was made for the stock market and e-commerce, and it has transitioned into something much bigger.

The idea is creating multiple investment opportunities for everyone, reducing the stress that comes with wanting to achieve financial freedom.

“Our future is ever changing, but one thing is for certain. We want to stay on the breaking edge of e-commerce and ahead of the curve in the market” says Lou. He says he still has a few more amazing ventures in store, but they will remain a secret until when they are ready to launch. This is why you need to follow Lou Albanese on Instagram for more updates, @louiealbanese.

Excerpts from an interview with Lou Albanese

We have top tier people working with us, as well as a multi-million dollar algorithm, that is only offered to our clientele and it’s unlike these generic tools people use online”.

The goal of Louis Albanese through Amazon Freedom is to help others achieve financial freedom.

When asked what his future goals are, Lou had this to say “in 10 years I see myself managing over 5000 traders and 1000 e-commerce stores. Our goal is to be the largest management company in the world. And as for my personal life, I see myself starting a family and being able to take care of my loved ones”.

The thought of creating the best life possible for his family and also helping those around him greatly keeps Louis Albanese going on a daily. And he sure has no intention of relenting from his goals.

A piece of advice from Lou to young entrepreneurs out there, and those looking to venture into the same industry as his – “Start investing now! Start pushing your limits! Start taking risks and keep your mind open to the possibilities”.

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