Garvit Bajaj Is the Future Leader of Music Marketing.

Garvit Bajaj at the age of 15 started his career as Website Designer and Social Media Marketer

When many people don’t even know what subject they like the most, Garvit Bajaj at the age of 15 started his career as Website Designer and Social Media Marketer. He has made himself proud.

Garvit Bajaj is an entrepreneur, music marketer, Youtube ads expert and he also manages celebrities pages. Along with all this, he’s continuing his studies by pursuing Bachelor of Computer Applications from Galgotia University.

Garvit Bajaj Worked 3 Years for several Indian celebrities and now he is working for luminary Music Artists and for Music Production Companies.

When asked about what made him start this tremendous business, Garvit told that “My teacher gave me this idea. He used to run an e-commerce site ,and I created the landing page for the website which gathered too much traffic , from then I started marketing and digital press release.” He also told that he had to face many issues in the beginning.

Everything was too new for me ,my first add campaign went in total loss and similarly following many other adds didn’t do any good for me. I did not know which audience I need to target and how to target them. Then by constant practice, many udemy courses, and by reading many books, I finally understood, how these add campaigns work, and then I started creating connections in different fields, and that’s how, now I am here.

Garvit believes in learning from the failures and losses. Failures may come from many external factors, but what matters the most is,how you handle and overcome the darkest phases of your lives. Apart from marketing and web designing, Garvit is also interested in gaming, spending time with his loved ones and staying outdoors. He is currently living in Noida.

Due to his tremendous hardwork and inspiring words, Garvit has proved that age is just a number. You can achieve anything and everything you want, all you need to do is prepare yourself. At such a young age Garvit has become one of the most reliable and established Digital Marketers.

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Written by Johnny Lee

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Mag Media, based in California.

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