Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin to Head Elementor Virtual Conference on June 16

Elementor, the leading open source website builder platform, has announced a trio of major names to headline its fifth annual event. Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Swan Sit will be the marquee names to head up the event which brings together the web’s brightest minds from across a slew of creative industries.

Operating under the hashtag #webcreators2021, Elementor’s forthcoming conference will inspire anyone with a vested interest in creating a better web, be they web designers, marketers, front- or back-end developers. With a community of more than eight million professionals to tap into, Elementor boasts a global reach that no other digital gathering can match.

Entrepreneurs to Take Center Stage

Belarusian-American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk knows a thing or two about growing a successful online business. The co-founder of restaurant reservation software startups Resy and Empathy Wines should have plenty of fascinating insights to share with his virtual audience. As the chairman of media and communications company VaynerX, he’s the sort of guest who’s tailor-made for a conference of this nature.

The fifth Elementor conference will take place on June 16 from 11am EST, and will also feature spots from Swan Sit and Seth Godin. The latter should need little by way of introduction to delegates at the virtual conference, having made a name for himself in the dotcom rush and become something of a guru for permission marketing – a model he is credited with mainstreaming.

Swan Sit, meanwhile, rules the roost on Clubhouse, where her wisdom on brand building and digital transformations have earned her an avid fanbase. A self-made entrepreneur with many strings to her bow, Swan sits on the board of such publicly traded companies as Edgewell and Novabay. She’s also an Operating Partner at AF Ventures and CMO of Ani Energy. Few professionals understand the needs of Gen Z better than Swan.

What to Expect From This Year’s Elementor

“Elementor unleashes the infinite creative power of web creators by giving them the tools they need to build professional websites, innovate and stretch their creative limits,” explains the company’s CEO Yoni Lukensburg. “Our passionate global community of web creators are highly talented, engaged, and supportive of each other and this event is for them.”

The company’s roots are deeply intertwined with those of WordPress, having been founded in 2016 with the goal of helping businesses capitalize on the opportunities provided by the open source web design platform. Almost 5% of all websites today are built with Elementor and the company remains on the cutting-edge of the digital landscape, having achieved heightened relevance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The world was already going digital; the events of 2020 and beyond merely accelerated it. In the process, it raised Elementor’s profile, transforming the company into a powerhouse that shapes attitudes to digital marketing, inspires new models of web design, and brings together creatives to share their greatest ideas. The June 16 virtual conference promises to be a must-see for tomorrow’s digital imagineers.

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