Gautam Kalal – If You Intend On Changing Your Today, No Yesterday Can Block Your Way.

Full of ambition and chasing after what seems best for him, we have Gautam Kalal amongst us who is nothing but a true inspiration to strengthen our belief that no day is the same if you intend on changing it. To whatever circumstance you born, nothing can define what your future holds.

Gautam Kalal born on 29th September, 1982 in Zawar Mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan, is a top leading ecommerce entrepreneur, trainer and mentor to wide number of students and business precepts all across the globe. Gautam Kalal is a fame realized as the top data driven digital marketing consultant based in Ahmedabad. He is a guide and part of the advisory board panel of business magazine. He has made quite a lot of appearances in online and offline social media channels.

Gautam Kalal didn’t win this fame overnight or was born with it neither did he won any lottery. He helped himself striving hard through the rough patch, holding on to himself to bring himself to stand where he stands today. Being born in low financial strata, Gautam Kalal never looked down on himself. He believed his potential and strove to achieve it. Being a drop out with low financial key, Gautam Kalal worked very hard sweating &covering the path from a mere canteen boy to the CEO of a top ranking digital consultant, amidst working for different companies in India and in abroad.

Gautam Kalal idolizes the precepts of his parents and teachers that helped him gain such positive affirmation towards life. Gautam Kalal teaches and educates professional individuals, launch their own ecommerce stores and build a brand using the power of digital marketing. He has even ventured abroad and left his imprints there.

Gautam Kalal believes that hard work and consistency can beat any talent. Underestimating oneself you can do nothing that you want. It is just like finding an excuse of not trying. Self-motivation and the attitude of never giving up is what will really win a hell of a deal for all of us. His work is showcased on his personal website.

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