Gen Z Entrepreneur Gucci P Is All Set For His Partnership With 301AutoCustoms

Gucci P

Gucci P is one of the top youthful and rising entrepreneurs. His actual name is Peter “Gucci P” Iwuh. He was born and brought up in Hyattsville, Maryland. During his high school, he used to be a party animal, but the parties gave him the idea and lead the path to his career. Gucci P is a Gen-Z Entrepreneur by occupation. Gucci P, not just partied but began his career in 2019 he become Sony Music College Representative for the city of Baltimore working with labels such as RCA, Epic, Columbia, and others.

Gucci P is the Owner of Tykoon, Gen Z led and operated, a creative marketing agency. Home to creative marketing, media, events, and music distribution via Tykoon Sound Records. This Gen Z Entertainment Entrepreneur “Gucci P” announces a new partnership with 301AutoCustoms, along with a new commercial of it.

Talking about 301AutoCustoms, it is the #1 auto cosmetic shop in the DMV local area. They provide a variety of services like providing window tints, car detailing, chrome deletes, calliper paintings, and many more. The shop is located in the prime location at Waldorf Maryland.

Mehdi Mourtaj of Maryland, also known as Bossman Dee, owns 301AutoCustoms and has over 80,000 TikTok followers. Former Sony Music College Representative working with labels such as RCA, Epic, Columbia, and others.

Gucci P will now be a private investor in the company as well as lead marketing initiatives. He is well known for his marketing expertise. Not only that, but he has also interviewed many celebrities and talented personalities. Gucci P is loved by a lot of people on social media. He has a great fan following over his social media. He has around 50,000 followers on Tiktok & 16,000 on Instagram.

Gucci P has worked around many different fields and has a lot of experience. He is definitely an inspiration to the youngsters. Gucci P has his goals all set. We wish him All the best in his new partnership with 301AutoCustoms.

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