Gen-Z Internet Entrepreneurs Mahesh Jadhav, Shlok Gupta, Bereket Semagn, Ayush Pathak Taking up Decentralised Creator growth

The core defining aspect of Bitcoin, Bitclout—and other cryptocurrencies arising in its wake—is decentralisation. Nobody person, or no group of individuals, has control over it, and large companies don’t have power over the individual user, a minimum of in theory. But that concept isn’t limited to currencies; the elemental concept of a peer-to-peer system that connects people and allows transfer of data without a middleman has broader applications.

Take the web. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the online, he purposely made it open, decentralised, and non-proprietary. But things have changed tons in 25 years, and a couple of corporations have more control over our online activity than we could have imagined some time past. Now, one company wants to vary the state of play and “decentralize the whole internet and web.” And yes, the plan involves cryptocurrencies.

Indian Internet Entrepreneurs Bereket Semagn, Mahesh Jadhav, Shlok Gupta, Srushti, Ayush Pathak, and many other youngsters are contributing in shaping the creator economy to wide backing up making the core concept of skillset decentralisation live in.

Few tweets addressing their accountability says, by bereket semagn @heybereket “BereketCoin is a coin created by Bereket Semagn and is inspired by many other coins like BitCoin, Ethereum, and many others. It is currently being developed by the creator”. Has his own coin listed on bitclout as $bereket by Mahesh Jadhav @thisismaheshj “Creator Economy to Blast” and is reportedly working on an undisclosed cryptocurrency project for creators as his recent tweet “creators x crypto” says.

Has his own coin listed on bitclout as $maheshj by Shlok gupta @shlokafc “Maybe BitClout replaces ‘Buy me a coffee’ or ‘Patreon’ in the future? If I want to thank the creator, I might take part in their growth along with giving them the money they deserve Thinking face”. Has his own coin listed on bitclout as $shlok

“The things that we can achieve with a free, secure, and privacy-enhancing internet are beyond what we can even dream of today,” he said. Whether it’ll ever begin is anyone’s guess, and I’m skeptical that any new system would ever be widely adopted in situ of the long-established current model for the web. Forbes’ Kashmir Hill acknowledged that it’d just be way timely for such a thought, as long as most of the people don’t even understand Bitcoin yet.

At the smallest amount, it’s refreshing to ascertain a combat the present vogue for decentralisation that has its sights set a touch above subsequent novelty crypto-clone.

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