General Tips of Entrepreneurship by a Young Business Sensation

This young talent believes that when people strive to do the unusual, they begin to create a fruitful career for themselves in their chosen industries.

We always hear about people who do the different and then make headlines through their unique work and passion for what they do. It takes courage to listen to the heart and make decisions that can lead one to the highest realms of success in their chosen industries. Only a few have been able to do that and the ones who have shown the guts have gone beyond boundaries in creating a unique niche for themselves. The younger brigade of our country today is flying high across all business industries and how. It is a sight to behold to experience the magic they are spreading with their knowledge, passion and talents in the vast and competitive business world. Koushik Sengupta’s name surfaces on the top when people discuss about young guns who have astounded people with their incredible business skills and acumen.

He is at the helm of Mita Enterprises, which is all about the manufacturing of motor and spare parts of engines and gears of ships and fishing trawlers. This youngster has shown that a talented mind can spread its magic in other niches as well and hence, he went all out as a photographer after his trip to Dubai and flooded his Instagram with pictures exuding his smart and creative photography skills.

Below, the youngster shares a few general entrepreneurial tips that he believes can help many other aspiring entrepreneurs of the world.

• Keep it simple: Koushik Sengupta says that youngsters often have the habit of overcomplicating things, which is just not needed. As new business owners, they must try to start small, narrow their focus, and cut down unnecessary features that can water down their offerings and cost more money.
• Earn while building: Koushik Sengupta explains to youngsters that sometimes it is essential to keep going on with their day jobs so that they can keep earning while they are still building their business.
• Act like a sponge: It is important to sometimes absorb everything that family, friends, experts have to tell you, says Koushik Sengupta. People must also make notes to develop a detailed plan. The power of advice from veteran business owners and experts is essential as they know first-hand how it works and how it doesn’t.

This MBA guy from Kolkata, by following the above-mentioned points today, has become a well-known businessman, photographer, and content creator with around 75K followers on Instagram (@nosleepteam24).

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