GeoMike122 Premieres New Indie-Dance Anthem Titled “Hey Human”

On July 22, 2021, GeoMike122  released their new single titled “Hey Human.” Forging ahead with their music career full-throttled, GeoMike122, born Michael Ciolino, released the indie-dance anthem to celebrate the human spirit’s love, joy, and diversity. The music video for the song was filmed in April and June 2021 in New York City, and gearing up to the song’s release, expectations were high for the new song. Needless to say, it did not disappoint.

GeoMike122, whose life and cultural experiences span through multiple dimensions of being non-binary, gay, Mediterranean, Scottish, and Hispanic, wants to create things that identify with multiple perspectives and people. Their new music comes at a time when the world is recovering from the rigors and hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We shot the video when the clubs and city were easing COVID-19 restrictions, and I want everybody to listen to the project and feel good after those challenging months. Those hard times helped me focus on the strengths and resilience of the human spirit, and I celebrate those in ‘Hey Human,’” GeoMike122 revealed.

Hey Human” GeoMike122 has described it as an open invitation to everyone from all over the world to join in and have a good time. “My goal is to inspire and motivate with my music,” they noted. “Hey Human” debuted on all streaming platforms, with the video going live on GeoMike122’s YouTube channel on July 22.

GeoMike122, often described as whimsical, the eponymous tag from their first single, “Whimsical,” is a gay, non-binary, community leader, teacher, and independent artist who has dealt with depression, anxiety, divorce, bullying, grief, and ADHD. They know firsthand what it means to live a life of struggles and are ready to inspire people between 13 and 45 to live happily.

“My audience demographic covers the young and active people who stream music, purchase merchandise, go to shows and clubs, and are mostly looking for things to make them happy. I’m a teacher and community leader who wants to inspire more with my music. I didn’t get the privilege of voice lessons from daddy’s wallet or Disney shows. I’m doing this because I want to,” they said.

GeoMike122 aims to break into the LGBTQ and Hispanic markets and get their name known by all and sundry. As expressed in “Whimsical,” the first single, GeoMike122, talked about dealing with distractions and how negative comments have boosted their confidence as a person and musician. With other songs like “Abyss” and “Caprichosx,” the Spanish remix of “Whimsical,” GeoMike122 has showcased their music prowess using their real-life experiences.

The ultimate goal for GeoMike122 is to sell out music arenas and venues and prove to the world that adversities and challenges do not define anybody. GeoMike122’s life experience as a gay, non-binary person has attracted dissent and disapproval from many people, but none of them can stop them from reaching the peak of their music career.

Learn more about GeoMike122 on their official YouTube channel. Also, follow their social media pages on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

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