Georgia Meacham

Georgia Meacham: Upcoming Actress And One To Watch

As it is said, “never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Absorbing this very saying into her life, is Georgia Meacham. Georgia, former catwalk fashion model, is an upcoming actress who has already began making moves in the entertainment world (her most recent credits include Hollywood’s Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, The Windsors).

She has had an extremely bright modelling career and her name has been regularly viewed among the top models in the industry. Her work has taken her all over the world, from London and Paris Fashion weeks, to shooting in Tokyo and New York.

Georgia was born in Britain but interestingly spent most of her childhood in the South of Spain, where her family relocated for 8 years. She was always a creative student, constantly indulging in unique and individualistic ideas.

Bringing in such creativity into her academic life, she decided to first pursue a degree in English and Linguistics from the prestigious Queen Mary, University of London. Shortly after this she started a part time acting school and then spent some time in Los Angeles furthering her skills.

Georgia Meacham has so far made a highly impressive resume for herself, and is now looking forward to diving deeper into the Film industry. Acting has forever been her number one passion. She took part in all her school plays and the began playing lead roles at her musical theatre school, which she attended until the age of 18. The acting thing was always her thing! With the kind of perseverance that she has, undoubtedly she is only on the way up. It’s quite an excitement to know about Georgia’s upcoming projects.

Professionally, Georgia is an individual with outstanding work ethics and ambition. She has achieved and accomplished things that many can only dream of, and at such a young age. She is known for her charming, bubbly personality and those around her say “she is a pleasure to work with!”. Her presence is one filled with delight and humbleness.

When she is not working, Georgia believes in following a healthy and fit lifestyle. She loves taking part in any sport activity going! She is also a huge animal lover and tries to use in social media platform in all the right ways. She has worked with some of the biggest animal charities including PETA and HSI Global.

Currently living in London, Georgia has said she would eventually love to spend more time over in America. Fearlessly chasing all her dreams, Actress Georgia Meacham is an inspiration to all the women out there, going through ups and downs, but ultimately overcoming them with optimism and strength.

Connect with Georgia Meacham on Instagram – @georgiameacham

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