German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk Deliver the Trendiest Fitness Brand to Women Through TOPSTRETCHING ME.


It wouldn’t be a lie to say that the world is at our fingertips. This was not possible several years ago, yet upon the advent of the internet, social media platforms and online applications, people have come closer to each other. The fitness world has seen it all, from physical studios, to DVDs and now to virtual classes and online applications. People are afforded the opportunity to work out from anywhere in the world and learn new techniques and fitness programs that are designed to offer the most desirable results. TOPSTRETCHING ME serves as the best and most classic example of a fitness firm with successful offline and online presence. Founders German V Gussakovskiy and Dmitriy Kanyuk established their ladies-only studio in Dubai Marina back in 2019. They expanded their brand across the Middle East and are now ruling over the online fitness world with their astonishing application, available in both iOS and Android.

For their quest to reach more people, the company went online for additional business expansion. They were further compelled to launch their virtual version due to the global health pandemic. Through their stretching app, Gussakovskiy and Kanyuk have effectively provided the finest workouts and unique training programs, transforming the lives of many especially in the times of COVID. Much of the credit goes to their team’s marketing prowess and adaptability skills as per the changing times that have helped them make headlines.

With high earnings in the millions, the TOPSTRETCHING ME app is considered to be the most promising fitness app that offers ladies, from beginners to pros, distinctive training programs. The innovative app is easy to use and convenient and offers an appealing interface and design. Through stretching, aerostretching® (aerial stretching) and functional training, TOPSTRETCHING ME has made people fall in love with their workouts. This has resulted in a massive offline and online presence.

Whether it is their quality training at the studios or their unparalleled fitness content on the app, TOPSTRETCHING ME has emerged as the go-to brand for women’s fitness. It also stands as the first-ever stretching and functional training application and largest chain of stretching studios in the region and the world. Moreover, the company is unique for its professional training instructors who are former Russian ballet dancers, rhythmic gymnastics champions and doctors.

Considering that their online presence is growing by the day, the fitness firm is working towards raising more capital and is in discussions with the local venture funds. To scale both operations for their studios and app, TOPSTRETCHING ME aims to garner Series A funding from targeted investors to expand their horizon.

Under the strong leadership of Gussakovskiy and Kanyuk, TOPSTRETCHING ME has experienced immense popularity in the fitness world and represents a truly one-of-a-kind success story in Dubai.

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