Get Acquainted With Latin Artist WitoElJefe + New Music Video “Despertaron Al Cacique”

WitoElJefe is a Latin artist that was born in Rio Piedras. He’s been in the music industry since 2001, opening for big names like Plan B, Baby Rasta Y Gringo, Ivy Queen, Tony Dize, J-King Y Maximan, and others.

Wito set his sights on a global audience when he left Puerto Rico at the age of 12 and traveled to Egypt, Germany, Bolivia, Mexico, and much of the east coast of the United States.

From recording to producing to composing for other artists, the music world has been his entire existence.

2021 has been his best year yet, with a new project in the pipeline and ambitions to take his ability to the next level.

WitoElJefe is proving that he is here to make a lot of noise in the music industry, thanks to his big social media following and consistency.

Watch his newest music video Despertaron Al Cacique, which has now reached over 160k views on Youtube here:

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