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Investing in an industrial washing machine can help you boost your business’ effectiveness. How does it differ from the regular ones? Which features should you search for? Check everything you need to know about industrial washing machines.

Installing the internal laundry can be a real game-changer. The businesses that cooperate with external laundries on a daily basis can benefit from such a switch in many different ways.

First – the number of textiles lost in the exchange process decreases significantly.

Secondly – your business finally becomes independent. In addition, it’s much more affordable to wash clothes, bedsheets, tablecloths, and other types of textiles in your own laundry.

When to invest in professional equipment?

Which types of businesses can benefit from investing in professional washing machines? The list is probably longer than you would expect. The internal industrial laundry is a perfect solution for hotels, guest houses, and hostels due to the number of bedsheets and towels to collect every day.

But it will also be a perfect solution for restaurants, wedding houses, kindergartens, crèches, and nursing homes. These places often have to deal with difficult stains and process a lot of laundry day by day.

What features should an industrial washer have?

The professional equipment available on the market can differ with their range of functionalities depending on the model. But in general, the industrial models share some features like:

  • a weighing system that enables adjusting the amount of used detergent and water when the loading is incomplete
  • the high spin speed that shortens the drying
  • silent work and low vibrations
  • intuitive management with a touch panel
  • a possibility of setting up precise parameters of the washing in order to adjust it to the type of textiles
  • low usage of water and electricity thanks to efficient washer-extractors
  • prolonged durability due to selection of quality materials

By choosing an industrial washer with all these features, you can count on the highest level of efficiency and the comfort of usage. Make sure to select a model made mainly with stainless steel – a material that is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. It’s worth choosing the machine with an in-built dryer, particularly if the rotation of the dirty laundry is high.

To achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest cost, make sure to analyze the machine’s capacity and estimate how many you’ll need to cover the daily demand for fresh laundry.

If you’re searching for high-quality equipment, check GastroProdukt – a shop that offers a wide selection of professional laundry machines perfect for commercial use.

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