Get in Shape and Stay Healthy With These 4 Tips

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Staying in shape and eating healthy can be a challenge for most people. Most can’t seem to break their bad eating habits or fail to exercise at least 4 days out of the week. That is why many people seek out personal trainers so they can be guided and be held accountable.

Having someone there for you to help you with what exercises you need to do and what you need to eat in order to stay healthy is a huge help. Not everyone is in a position to hire a personal trainer though so mindset and determination are also the keys to getting fit and healthy. 

Cathy Clements is a competent, confident, and knowledgeable woman whose career in health and fitness has brought tremendous benefits to others. This visionary woman is empathetic to her client’s struggles. She provides plans explicitly designed for them and some designed in general for women over 40 or going through menopause. 

Who is Cathy?

Cathy served as an NCIS Special Agent for three decades. When she retired in September 2018, she knew she needed to continue to give to others. She became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She also became a Nutrition Fitness Specialist, a women’s fitness specialist, a balance instructor, and a certified TRX instructor. According to Cathy, learning never stops. She believes fitness and nutrition should be fun and exciting.  

Your fitness & health should be your lifestyle

Do you want to stay in shape, even in your forties? Here are Cathy’s secrets;

  • Workout & exercise daily

Have some moderate physical activity in your everyday life. You can choose to do a higher-level intensity workout if you want to shed a few pounds. Though it might be irritating, your body will change for the better. Ensure you stay hydrated. These activities will help manage your weight, reduce your blood pressure, make you have stronger bones and muscles, reduce your risk of heart attack and reduce your cholesterol levels.

  • Eat the correct food & portion

Did you know that you become what you eat? Yes, that is true. Stay away from foods that are not good for your body. Fruits and vegetables are the best to feed on if you don’t want to gain weight. There are plenty of foods you can eat but the most important thing to remember is portion control. Don’t eat too much of something especially if it’s high in calories and fat. 

Cathy Clements’ products will also help you live a healthy and fulfilling life and change your growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. 

  • Stay motivated

Set your goals and keep a positive mindset. Why? Because a positive mindset can take you to the desired fit body you have always wanted. What keeps Cathy motivated is that her health and fitness are a lifestyle and not a quick fix. She stays motivated, knowing that she makes choices to do what she does every day in order to become healthier. She knows many people are stumbling and she wants to be there to pick them up and help get them back on track. 

  • Sleep enough

However much you work, ensure you get enough sleep. It helps recharge your body’s battery. 6-8 hours of sleep will keep your body in good shape throughout the day. Enough sleep will help you stay at a healthy weight, lower your risk of some health problems, reduce stress, improve your mood, think clearly, and help you get along well with people. 


Cathy has made a name for herself in the industry by networking locally and online. She has also served her clientele with free assessments. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, positive, and in shape, work out and exercise daily, check what you eat and how you eat, stay motivated, and get enough sleep.

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