Get Outside With a Mountain Bike

One of the most popular outdoor recreational activities that plenty of people enjoy today is biking. After all, not only is it multifunctional, but it is also great exercise. You cannot find many exercise activities that can get you to and from work daily. Biking is the only one that comes to mind.

So if you have not taken up the hobby of getting on a mountain bike already, let’s talk about some of the many advantages of doing so today. By the end, you will know that not only is it amazing for your overall health, it can also be a medium for you to meet and enjoy the company of similar-minded enthusiasts.

Take Your Health To New Heights

Cardio: First of all, the most obvious health benefit that comes with going outside and hopping on a mountain bike is it can greatly improve your cardiovascular health.
Does one hour of biking seem short to you? Well, in a mere 60-minute session you can burn 300-1400 calories depending on your pace and whether or not your path is elevated. Of course, the activity is so enjoyable that 60 minutes seems like a concise amount of time, so you are right on track to get your heart health at its absolute peak if you go for even longer sessions whenever you get the chance!

Blood Pressure: So now that you know that regular mountain biking can do wonders for your heart, you can expect that improved blood pressure will follow. After all, constant cardio is the absolute best thing to do to get your blood flowing at a constant and healthy pace. With balanced and healthy blood pressure, things like better sleep, an elevated mood, and the general extension of life can be expected.

Mood: Ever heard of having a runner’s high? Biking regularly can get you something similar – let’s call it a biker’s high! This is because the hormones secreted by your body that stimulates happiness and a positive mood such as Dopamine and your Endorphins are increased with exercise, especially aerobic the exercise, which includes biking.

If you want to have a good mood throughout your day, biking every morning is one of the best steps that you can take. If you can dedicate thirty minutes to one hour every day to it, you’ll be all set and feeling great all day.

See the Sights

Aside from the obvious health benefits, the great thing about biking as an outdoor activity is it allows you to take in the sights as you are exercising. Sure running will help you get a glimpse of your neighborhood, but how about your entire city? This is something that you can only accomplish by biking.

This is even better when you live in a very scenic city with beautiful nature. Do you live in the Pacific Northwest, California, Oregon, or Hawaii? Get yourself a mountain bike and enjoy the endless floral and faunal wonders that await you.

Join a Community

Finally, one of the best things about getting on a mountain bike is that there is no shortage of similar enthusiasts who long to enjoy the many benefits of biking, just like you! You can set regular bike rides with your friends and family or even join a community of strangers that you can form new, lifelong friendships.

Whatever your reasons for taking up a new hobby may be, whether it is to share a new passion with other people or to improve your overall health, get on a mountain bike, and you will find out why it is one of the most popular forms of recreation in the world today.

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