Get to Know Influencer Dr. Roya Hassad.

In today’s world, having the opportunity to morph your body, to transform your look, and to give yourself the shape that you’ve always wanted for every last physical feature is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Body positivity doesn’t always have to come from within – sometimes, you can go the extra mile to change something about your body to achieve your desired look.

And Dr. Roya J. Hassad is here to help. Known as one of the top-performing aesthetic services provider in Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan, Dr. Roya is here to help.

Who Is Dr. Roya J. Hassad?

Dr. Roya is the proud and dedicated founder of Hope, Life, and Dream Centers – the most prominent antiaging medical center in New York City. With a strong focus on helping her patients tap into their inner drive to better themselves physically and cosmetically, Dr. Roya brings years of experience to the table.

An industry leader and expert in some of the most popular and innovative antiaging solutions, weight loss solutions, and cosmetic solutions in the world today, Dr. Roya is highly skilled and deeply passionate about the work that she does.

Along with her team, Dr. Roya is constantly working to ensure that her patients have a say in the process. She brings a wide-ranging skill set to the table in order to provide her clients with every possible option when it comes to looking and feeling they’re very best. And at the forefront of her approach are the 5 key pillars that guide her practice.

The Five C’s

For Dr. Roya, the five C’s guide her when working with patients. Comprehensive, cutting-edge, compassionate, connected, and concierge, each pillar helps to ensure an exceptional experience for her patients from start to finish.

  1. For Dr. Roya, nothing is more important than offering a comprehensive service for her clients – this means conducting a complete and thorough evaluation of each patient individually. From there, her team and her patients work together to design an innovative treatment plan that addresses their needs individually.
  2. Leading the way with advanced and innovative cosmetics and aesthetic solution technologies, Dr. Roya offers cutting-edge support for her patients. From anti-aging solutions and integrative medicine to preventative care solutions, the focus is always on ensuring that each patient has an option that works for them.
  3. With every patient interaction, compassion is always a top priority – not because it has to be forced, but because it comes naturally. Dr. Roya has been known as one of the most compassionate, friendly, and warm doctors in the field today, and that is a sentiment that her team strives to emulate as well. Dr. Roya and her team treat each patient with respect and demonstrate integrity in everything they do.
  4. In an ever-connected world powered by digital technology, Dr. Roya and her team have built an extensive medical network with some of the industry pioneers in terms of medical health centers. With connections that extend deep into the international medical community, Dr. Roya and her team are constantly focused on new developments in the industry to offer their patients new treatments.
  5. From the moment a new patient inquires about a service, Dr. Roya and her team tailor their approach to the unique needs of that patient. With true concierge service from beginning to end, the team helps to facilitate some of the more challenging aspects of preventative and aesthetic care. From acquiring previous medical records to scheduling appointments with sub-specialists for unique treatments, Dr. Roya and her team handle it all.

A Wide Range of Specialties

While the five pillars of Dr. Roya’s philosophy and practice have allowed her to grow her reputation around New York City and Long Island, it is Dr. Roya’s and her team’s range of specialties that have allowed her to grow her client base larger than many practices in the region.

Dr. Roya is a strong believer that offering multiple expert services and areas of specializations helps to ensure that her patients not only feel comfortable working with her and her team but also feel comfortable with their decision to seek out preventative care or aesthetic care.

Specializing in CoolSculpting®, Botox, fillers, laser therapy, weight loss procedures, and other preventative care and aesthetic services, Dr. Roya’s patients always have an option when it comes to the transformation they’re looking for or the preventative care they are seeking.

In today’s world, there are a variety of avenues a person could explore when looking at anti-aging solutions, and that is precisely where Dr. Roya and her team can help. With such a wide-ranging expertise, Dr. Roya and her team are always able to recommend unique options that suit the particular preference and needs of each patient.

From there, they are able to leverage their extensive citywide, nationwide, and worldwide network to recommend sub-specialists and other practitioners who might be able to provide more advanced or niche services and areas of specialization.

With Dr. Roya and her team, there is always an option that can suit the needs of her patients – and that is something that separates her professionally and clinically in New York City. Even amongst some of the most top-performing medical centers in the city, Dr. Roya and her team stand out above the rest.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about what Dr. Roya J. Hassad and her team have to offer, pay a visit to her website and view her services. From there, read more about their five pillars, the services they offer, and the work that they’ve done through their medical center, Hope, Dream, Life Centers.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to inquire about a particular treatment, we would encourage you to get in touch with them directly. A member of their team would be more than happy to provide you with more information.

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