Get to Know Luca de Massis, The Man Behind the Camera

Luca De Massis, who originally hails from a humble town in the Italian countryside has climbed the ranks in the photography world, earning features from top magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

De Massis took a risk at age 19 and moved to America with very little money to pursue his passion. He was sleeping on couches, working odd end jobs and struggling to make ends meet. 15 years later, De Massis has graced Vogue Italia and Elle Magazine among others. His work has become a stand out photography name in the south.

De Massis was born April 7th,1983 in the Pescara region of Abruzzo. During his childhood, he’d walk through the Italian countryside when he could slip away from his responsibilities as a member of a working class family. He’d been inspired by the beautiful scenery, from the country mountains to the Mediterrenean Sea. He could often be seen as a young boy walking aimlessly with a camera to capture anything and everything.

De Massis said on being featured in Vogue: “When I got the email that I was featured in Vogue Magazine, I was elated. Getting a spread in Vogue is a huge career milestone for any photographer, so this felt like a great accomplishment.” With over 31 thousand followers on Instagram, it’s a sure sign that his romantic cinematic style is making waves on social media as well as print.

De Massis’s style can be described as a romantic modern which celebrates diverse beauty. Luca says about beauty “I love highlighting the things that make someone beautiful that others may seem as quirky or a flaw. I love freckles, acne, stretch marks, all of it. I love showing these features that people may consider as imperfections in a beautiful way.”

Currently, De Massis is based out of South Florida, and is available in Sarasota, Tampa and the Orlando area. De Massis works in both still frame and film format and is available for creative and commercial projects. He also specializes in design marketing services such as logo design, website design, video production and web development.

He can be reached at his email,, his instagram,, or website at

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