Get To Know More About The Talented and Genius Artist Marc Allinds

Marc Allinds is one of a kind musical artist

Marc Allinds Romulus is an ingenious spark behind the emotion. A singer, who from his humble roots as a Creole-language pop artist started off his music career at the age of eight. He belongs to Haitian bloodlines and was born in Miami, Florida. Marc Allinds is a genius artist at working hip-hop transition to pop. One of the best things in life that happen to him was writing and singing music to express the way things were happening to him.

Marc Allinds started playing music because he was inspired by people around with their talent and he told himself let me show them what he could do. The piano is one of his favorites, he learned it from his mother as she was always teaching him these things. He was born in a musical family and he picked up their energy and decided to start writing his own music growing up. Many artists inspired him and ever since he was 10, he knew how to write poetry.

Marc believes in superheroes and writes his own lyrics out of natural encounters and great love for family. His music description is stirred with a touch of human character, authenticity, and healing that comes with a smile to melt the heart.

An all-around entertainer, he likewise enjoys playing with multiple instruments, songwriting, and produces. At an affectionate age, he was popularized in school for writing a love poem to a girl he treasured and by age 14, Marc was already on track, making his own music with the help of a PlayStation Headset and from the four corner walls of his bedroom.

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