Get Yourself a Rich Mother Mindset for the New Year: Tania Cicmil & Mindstate Coaching

Have you ever felt “stuck” or stagnant at a given phase in your life? Or have the restraints of your limiting beliefs caused you to feel hopeless about making a transition in your life or your business? Our modern reality seems to be evolving in complexity and the expectations that we place on the individual.

Indeed, so many so-called “successful” people are realizing that enrolling into coaching programs and investing in oneself is essential for maximising one’s potential. However, for some individuals, the realization that they need to ignite a change within themselves happens later in life; for others, it happens earlier.

Top personal development coach in the industry, Tania Cicmil has, herself, been in business since the age of 19. That is where her passion for personal development began. She identified a need early on to improve her own business, and she knew that intrinsic success (i.e. self-development and self-improvement) and extrinsic markers of success (such as financial freedom) cannot be separated.

“Working across multiple salons, with hundreds of staff and thousands of clients, I realized that with a dose of psychology and influence you can bring out the absolute best in others and, for some reason, that gave me an incredible sense of purpose and joy.” says Cicmil.

For Tania, very soon her calling in life became less about making money (to her, a by-product of success, but not the actual definition of it), and more about having an effect on how people feet. 

Fast forward to 2013, after 25 years in the hairdressing industry, Tania made the choice to sell her salon, and pursue her passion for helping people with their personal development journeys. 

Hence, Mindstate Coaching was born. 

“My vision for Mindstate Coaching is to reach people who are ambitious, focused, goal-oriented individuals, who want to live their best life and be the best version of themselves without having to run themselves into the ground doing it.”

Being determined and having passion is one thing, but Tania emphasizes that it does not have to come as a package deal with side-effects such as burnout or constantly running on adrenaline. She insists that one can absolutely have it all, without having to compromise health, happiness or family in the process. 

“I teach a different mindset and a different approach to goal achieving and success through my Rich Mother Mindset program,” Tania says, adding that she developed this program through her own life challenges and experiences. 

“I learned how it doesn’t matter where you start, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much time you have if you learn to work with what you have you can make anything work. I believe that life is not something we learn, rather something we experience.”

In Tania’s opinion, the best part of her Mindstate Coaching program is “The Rich Mother Mindset” 24-week program. It includes private one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as the option for coaching for teams in corporate and small businesses.

The Rich Mother Mindset program is a 4-phase transformational program, guaranteed to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. It took Tania 3 years to perfect and was finally released in 2020. 

Usually, the clients who approach Tania about this program are women who are in a state of limbo. They know what they want and where they want to be, but have no idea how to get there. Often, being able to visualize one’s potential and then comparing it with one’s current state can cause feelings of guilt and dejection. This is then Tania’s mission: to help the “woman who wants to upgrade her life from 1.0 to 2.0”.

“People overestimate what they think they know is true and underestimate what even just a 10% shift in their mindset and daily habits can look like in 12 months.” says Tania, explaining that “overestimation” occurs when individuals allow their limiting beliefs which they read or heard somewhere (very often from an unverifiable source) become so entrenched and completely affect their perception of their own potential. Tania’s program begins by, firstly, wiping the slate of limiting beliefs clean, and starting anew, with a new mindset better suited to control one’s progress and achieve one’s goals.  

Tania believes that anyone is capable of incredible change and that even just tweaking some of the deciding elements of your life (i.e. the 10%, or even less, shift in mindset) can lead to phenomenal results. The transformation occurs within the individual, and the potential is already there. Even a small (1% or 2%) shift in lifestyle decisions and mindset will show results.

So if you are that person who is ready to finally reach your ideal fitness goal, increase your income, open your business, change career, improve your relationship, be a better family member, embark on new adventures, and enrich your life, then The Rich Mother Mindset is for you. Contact Tania Cicmil now on her email, website, Instagram or Facebook

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