Getting Candid With Instagram Star Shaquita Nicolas aka “Venusflyytrapp”

Today I was able to speak with Shaquita Nicolas, also known as “Venusflyytrapp,” on Instagram and many other social media outlets. The 28-year-old is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia, although she is originally from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. Her occupation is defined as an influencer, adult content creator, exotic dancer, and interior decorator, with her passion being emphasized in the dynamics of decoration.

Venusflyytrapp is most commonly known for her work on featured stars on the infamous sex site Pornhub, music videos with artists like Lil Boosie, and being a top-only fans creator with being 0.4%.

Nicholas has daily content, ranging from her quirky, funny humor on TikTok to market her sensuality, then finding other outlets and resources on Twitter, directing her other platforms to her Instagram as more of a preview, let’s say.

Almost any platform available she is on creates a bond and loyalty within her fandom as she can reach multiple facets and demographics based on this networking.

Although Venusflyytrapp completely admires her work and the ability within herself of being able to thrive off of something she is confident in. She enables to do dismantles many said gender roles and assign rules individually in her work.

However, she mentioned that although there is a familiarity, admiration, and attraction, many men’s experience with her dating in Georgia has not been the most productive. Not only has she recently been divorced after experiencing a stressful and narcissistic relationship dynamic, due to her sex symbol status and the number of men in the LGBTQ community, she feels limited in options.

Most of her intimate relationships are currently limited to the work and contribution of male participants in her videos. Overall her current outlook of men isn’t focalized on a specific relationship based on her experiences. She plans to go into more detail about it in the up in coming months on another reachable site, youtube.

Getting to know Venusflyytrapp is even more beautiful. Many don’t know if she is an intense nature lover and Myers God and worship him fully loves being a positive individual helping others and being a singer even though she’s best in the shower even though she quoted she’s best in the shower.

The 28-year-old also surprises viewers by actually being a single mother of five. Ultimately, from being in the social media game for approximately 6+ years, she has been able to provide and sustain a comfortable lifestyle for herself and her family by simply utilizing the assets she naturally has.

It appears that no matter the objective, Shaquita is often able to monetize her lux features and her wits in amounting to classify herself as a successful independent sex worker. Ultimately she can be seen as a pinnacle example of how to display oneself without mimicking others. It’s one thing to be able to do something and another to set a standard.

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