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Getting ‘In the Zone’ and Unlocking Your Inner Potential

‘Master Jeff’, founder and CEO of Buildgoal Inc. and the PSC Academy has spent the better part of two decades transforming lives across the globe. With his unique skill set, he’s helped over 100,000 people realize their true potential and take their future into their own hands. 

He’s been called the “Angel of Inner Potential” and hearing him speak, if only briefly, will quickly tell you why. It’s not just his charisma, ability to captivate a crowd, or powerful message of unlocking your inner potential that does the trick. His passion and genuine wish to make inspiring connections make him a master of motivation.

Modest Beginnings

It all began rather modestly. Master Jeff was asked to speak to an audience of 20 people about education. As he took the stage for the first time, he had little idea how it would go or what to expect. But the results of that fateful day would set the stage for the rest of his life. 

The 30 minutes he’d been asked to speak flew by, stretching into four electrifying hours, with the audience listening with rapt attention. There was a genuine connection being made, and he knew then and there that he had found his calling. Since that day, he has captivated the hearts and minds of countless individuals, people from all walks of life who have tremendous potential but just don’t know how to access it yet.

Learning from Hardship

Before immigrating to the U.S. in 2016, the Iran-born motivational master moved from place-to-place with his family. Though he met many interesting people and made friends along the way, a certain distance grew over time. He felt a mounting pressure not to grow too attached in each place, to keep one foot out the door, as he knew he would soon be moving on. 

The vital connection with others, which now forms the basis for his career, was something he constantly felt physically distant from. And with each friend left behind, Master Jeff suffered a little more, but working through those complicated feelings eventually helped him grow. He has since cultivated a vast network of close and meaningful relationships, through which he’s managed to build a veritable empire of motivational resources.

Getting in The Zone

In times of extreme stress or danger, people often summon up strength and capability they didn’t know they had. But what if that immense reserve of energy and ability could be accessed day-in and day-out? Well, that’s precisely what Master Jeff is proposing. He calls it being in “The Zone”, and according to him, this elevated state doesn’t have to be reserved for emergency situations. It can become your daily routine. 

Master Jeff believes the best way to get in the zone is “Stay away from negativity—always stay positive. And be careful who you’re associating with.” It also comes down to unlocking and harnessing the potential inside you that often remains buried under self-doubt and unhelpful habits. His mission is to provide the essential tools for attaining transformative personal growth, to instill the knowledge necessary to become one’s best self. 

His mantras help people get in the zone, including the very powerful “I Will Make It”, in which he states, “Is the first golden key to achieving your vision and goal. If you don’t tell yourself this, your inner voice will always try to derail you.”

Making it Stick

Being a motivational-speaking buff himself, Master Jeff has attended seminars by many fellow coaches. And while he loves to engage with their different methods, he feels one thing is broadly missing in the industry: long-term efficacy. While attendees are clearly inspired during a given seminar, these effects are often short-lived, failing to bring about lasting change. 

That’s why Master Jeff has designed his seminars and personal coaching specifically to persist beyond the doors of the lecture hall. The 48-hours that his intensive coaching courses span are thoughtfully constructed to be a weekend that can change your life. They provide attendees with the necessary tools to change their lives—over those two days and for the rest of their lives. 

Master Jeff has been a master transformational coach for over 20 years. He’s done everything from touring the globe and giving lectures to hosting motivational intensives. His work has touched countless lives and inspired change worldwide, revolutionizing the field of motivational coaching along the way. 

His uplifting philosophy and practical approach have been a potent force for positive personal transformation in people’s everyday lives. And going forward, he’s excited to help even more people realize that their best selves were right inside them the whole time; they just needed a little help coming out.

About Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari

Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari was a self-made millionaire by age 20 and both an entrepreneur and educator with over two decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of the PSC Academy, Inc., and Buildgoal, Inc., serving more than 100,000 students and helping develop 5,000 coaches in nearly 40 countries. For more information about ‘Master Jeff’, please visit him on Youtube or on his site:

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