Ggfien Returns With a New Song Title “Trauma”

Gavin Guidry, most notably known as GGfien, is based in Houston, Texas. Originally from Nederland, Texas, he has quickly become a well renowned independent artist, rapper, and musician of the 2020s. Gavin not only has risen up from a tragic COVID situation after losing his job, but has also felt the mental anguish of loneliness we all have had to endure too in these trying times.

GGfien has shown over and over the expressiveness in his rap along with a strong desire to create meaningful music. After feeling lost for many of years, Gavin started his career with the release of his first single, help. in 2020. Since then, GG has continued to release music regularly that has wowed and delighted fans, new and old alike. GGfien has amassed an incredible fanbase; throughout his career, GGfien has ventured all the music realm — exploring various styles to an extreme length.

GGfien stands out as a competent lyricist. He does not have to hide behind the curse words to showcase songs’ lyrical creativity and complexity. After feeling lost coped with depression for years, he understands the mental being of a person and how a 5-min song can play a huge positive impact on any person’s life. Gavin has shown he is very keen on elevating mental wellness as an outlet for emotions through his songs.

Apart from various other reasons for being musicians, Touching people’s lives with music, and being with them through his music on the ups and downs of life motivates him to keep on going. GGfien has recently committed to releasing one song every month starting April with Refinery. GGfien’s songs and his musical abilities are alike with NF and Logic. His fast-paced gloomy style music always keeps the listener’s heart at the edge showing raw unfiltered emotions every time he writes or preforms.

GGfien returns with a new song titled TRAUMA. As the dramatic title suggests, it is not only about trauma, but the silver lining that could be seen in it. Revealing furthermore will give away the whole songs so instead, let’s dive into the GGfien inspiration behind his new title.

When speaking with GGfien about the new title TRAUMA, he added, “my phone just broke, so while I was unboxing my new one, the hook just came to me. I just finished going out with someone that didn’t work out, so I wasn’t in the mood to dwell and write a song about my perspective of dating in today’s society. I thought to myself, I don’t want to have to write another song about relationships yet, but every time I went to work on one song, my brain immediately brought me to TRAUMA; and I’m glad it did.”

It seems as if GGfien just couldn’t get out of a cycle of continuous abandonment perhaps. Nonetheless, the song is about the present dating scenario of the world with all the dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble reducing real interaction among people.

For the fans who are eagerly waiting, TRAUMA comes out on May 21st. For upcoming regular updates, be sure to follow Gavin’s Instagram @ggfien. All of his songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. We expect GGfien to take his signature mix of lyrical contemplation and strong thematic elements to new heights.

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