Gift Card Trading with Cardtonic: The Answer to Your Gift Idea Nightmare

If you thrive on gift-giving but hate the selection process, then Cardtonic has been providing you with answers since 2016.

This innovative firm has 4 plus years of experience providing a gift card trading platform, letting people buy and sell online. They have made strides in introducing Nigerian-made tech solutions onto the mainstream market, and now they are even incorporating Bitcoin wallets into their already substantial service list.

Gift Cards Are Not Outdated.

Gift cards are not outdated – far from it. They offer the simplest solution to all your gift-giving issues. They also allow you to receive those bitcoins, should you be technically inclined.

Below, we have summarized some of the reasons why giving a gift card is an excellent idea. If you want to get involved yourself, you can follow Cardtonic on Instagram or head over to their website to learn more about what they do here.

The Benefits of Gift Cards Include:

  • Save your time – by giving the gift of a favorite store’s card, you are both showing that you know their taste and letting them choose for themselves.
  • You can get more for your money if you invest in a gift card than you might if you just give the gift of money in an envelope.
  • You can get access to exclusive deals and discounts, as well as codes and vouchers, all using gift cards.
  • You are cutting the selection process and saving yourself the stress of buying the wrong thing.
  • Nobody ever must return any presents they do not like!

Cardtonic does not stop there though, they also offer that bitcoin address feature, which lets you give bitcoins the gift to those you care about.

You can trade internationally, send gifts to friends or family, pay people for jobs done via gift card, and even transfer bitcoins to other people’s accounts.

How does Cardtonic Work?

The Cardtonic system is available through their website or to download for either Android or iOS. You simply download the app or visit the page, set up an account, and get ready to buy and sell what you want to trade-in.

Suppose you are interested in sending bitcoin to someone. Have them create an account and follow the instructions therein to set up a new bitcoin address. The account is active from the moment they set it up, and you send the bitcoin. This cryptocurrency bypasses the standard banking procedures and saves a small fortune in fees.

Cardtonic also lets you trade in gift cards. So even if you can’t afford to buy or sell bitcoins, you can always send your favorite relative a Google Play card, money on an Amazon voucher, or something of that nature.

With the installation of Cardtonic’s unique system, you never need to worry about what to send to a loved one as a gift, ever again. All you need is an account, a desire for a gift card, and a bit of bitcoin that could belong to you.

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