Gino Fracchiolla: From Humble Beginnings to Transforming His Brand into An Industry Leader

Gino was born in Bari, Italy, and grew up between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. After spending a few years amid drugs and gangs, he has taken a U-turn and transformed his life by founding his marketing firm. He further aims to build his nonprofit dedicated to help reduce the recidivism rate through education and implementation.

Getting Back on Feet

We often hear of people of high potential who have been forever doomed to destruction due to their ill habits, incorrect choices, and faulty decisions. Gino Fracchiolla could also have been categorized in the same lot had he not been able to turn his life around and make it fruitful. Gino was heavily involved in gangs and drugs for many years. He spent nearly 10 years in prison for trafficking drugs, but has managed to overturn his fortunes and impact the lives of those around him positively since 2017.

When Dreams run High

After founding his company, Infiniti Marketing Group, Gino is now the proud representative of a diverse clientele ranging from celebrities, rappers, luxury realtors, and brokerages down to local mom-and-pop shops. He provides an extensive list of products and services in integrated marketing for these clients to turn their ventures into multimillion-dollar businesses. Gino has been blessed to realize his true potential in the world of business and is a success story for those who need motivation and strength to turn their lives around completely. After all, how many tales do we hear of drug traffickers who have pulled up their socks to lead a whole and hearty life, creating value for people and leading them with a purpose?

When Belief Overcomes Challenges

A firm believer in himself and destiny, Gino feels that everything in life happens for a cause. The relationships he built while on the streets stood by him to build his business foundation. He encourages people to have an open mind and seek out every opportunity to learn and grow. A strict vegan, Gino worships his body like a temple and pays special focus to his diet and nutrition. He defines his life’s motto in a few simple words – “Go hard for your clients. There are already thousands of people doing what you do. Maybe more. Stand out. Be genuine. Pick up their calls. Go the extra mile. Take small losses if you need to. Aim high. Believe in yourself and your brand. Act boldly. Always keep your word. Be the hardest working person you know.”

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