Give Yourself a Chance for a Better Future With Green Climate World

Plant trees with Green Climate World. We need to take sustainability into our own hands. With Green Climate World, you will be able to invest in something that you care about, something that truly matters for your wellbeing.

Greta Thunberg, one of the most well-known spokespeople for sustainability has recently said that: “We’re now 2 years into the decisive decade. Emissions should be in an unprecedented fall, instead, we’re seeing the 2nd biggest rise ever recorded. We’re wasting invaluable time pretending we can solve this crisis without treating it as a crisis. World leaders are still in denial.”

With this prospect in our view, how do we make sure we give ourselves a chance for a better future? How can we take sustainability into our own hands? How do we make sustainable living more transparent?

Alarming Situation

To illustrate how dire the situation is, it is important to mention the real-life effects that climate change is having on all of us. One example is that it contributes to an increase in extreme weather events; the deadliest of which is heat waves.

Several heatwaves have occurred since 2000 in Europe, and they have cost us thousands of lives according to WHO. If we are to stop this development, waiting for government responses is not enough. Individual action is key.

Key Solution

One of the ways in which climate change can be fought is by planting more trees. Deforestation in recent years is a major ecological problem.

However, it is not realistic that all of us should plant trees in our gardens – a lot of those who live in the city do not have the capacity or the space to do so. Therefore, what it leaves us with is sustainable investing.

Green Climate World, striving for the improved life

One company that takes care of planting trees for you is Green Climate World. It can be described as a project aiming to improve life on our planet by restoring the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. The core of the project is the WGC Token. To reach that goal, they take a small percent of the value of the WGC token and put it toward planting trees.

Above all, the Green Climate World project is transparent and accountable. The data that they collect: the amounts of oxygen and carbon emitted, will come from external CO2 and O2 atmospheric sensors directly to the blockchain, without the possibility for any kind of outside interference. No one will be able to, in any way, alter or delete the log received by the sensors.

According to their Whitepaper, even the way they plant the trees is innovative. The traditional process of planting trees is slow and requires a lot of manual work.

Their idea is that: “Through a lot of research and consultation with experts in the field, we discovered that the best results are obtained by the use of a drone, specially made for planting trees. The drone can plant up to 100 times faster than a traditional tree planting operation”.

Make a change

So, if you want to have a change for a better, more sustainable future, think about investing in the right causes. In the causes that both have the potential of making you financially comfortable, but also comfortable in other areas of your life. Green Climate World is aiming to make a change. A change that is supposed to be organic, transparent, impactful. So (DYOR) do your research and invest away!

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