Giving a New Meaning to People’s Lives Is Distinguished Mental and Life Coach Yasin Seiwasser.

The world has changed so much and with so many changes and developments around us, isn’t it high time that we also focus on topics like health and wellness? This has become a whole industry in itself that has been on the rise constantly, especially from the past few years. However, only a few people who have called themselves as ‘health and wellness coaches and mentors’ have gone ahead in actually making a difference in people’s lives. We are fortunate today to meet a man who has completely drenched himself in the love of mind-body techniques, meditation, mental training, breathing and martial arts. He is Yasin Seiwasser, who believed in his dreams to make an impactful difference in people’s lives and so he did with his brand, ‘Seiwasser – Art of Life’, where he teaches people the true art of life by strengthening their mind and body.

He has designed and curated a robust 7-levels program with his brand that has been making a lot of buzz lately in the health and wellness industry. His love for training began at the naive age of eight and ever since Yasin Seiwasser’s expedition began to self-discovery and turned him into a proud German MMA Champion. Going forward each day, he even held the world record of the fastest knock out in just three seconds for the title fight.

He has 30 years of experience in intense practices and has created an exceptional curriculum through Seiwasser- Art of Life that includes several techniques that do the good to the mind, body and soul of people. These effective techniques are internal martial arts, Kriya Yoga, Zen and many other areas. He has developed techniques that are proven to be suitable for people for their everyday lives. His practice in mind-body techniques meditation and breathing has been self-taught without any trainer or team. He has always exuded true passion and drive to change people’s lives and give a new meaning to their lives.

Yasin Seiwasser, apart from being a European MMA Champion, is also a mental and life coach. He has been 2x guest of honour and trainer at Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Camp, a trainer for Special Forces and Marines in Brazil and the US, speaker on various events and special business coach for executives, amongst many other credentials in life.

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