Glammy Mars Announces Collaboration With 24hrs to Bring Smooth, “Gloomy” Hip-Hop Tunes to the Fore

Joining forces with an artist that’s worked with G-Eazy, Future, Ty Dolls $ign, and Wiz Khalifa, Glammy Mars announces his collaboration with 24hrs.

Working together on his hypnotic blend of Rap and all things melodically soulful, Mars will release two songs from the partnership. Taking poetics to a new lyrical level, Mars’ first single, “Freezing Notes,” was an experiment in a mix of cinematic New Age Hip-Hop.  Creating a genre described as having “undertones of a gloomy sound,” Mars’ work is the first of its kind in the industry.

Taking that original sound to his first project, Mars released the album entitled “Carry On.” The certified platinum producer, CashMoneyAp, produced it. He has produced artists like Migos, Pop Smoke, Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga, and many other notable names.

With cues taken from powerhouse music industry moguls, Glammy Mars said, “Working with this caliber of artists is a thrill for me because I’m relatively new to the scene. I’m also working on a song with B Karma, who contributed to Fetty Waps 2020 comeback with his song “Broken.” And a single with rapper Kam Nasty is also on the way so, 2021 will be an incredible year.”

On his second single, “I’M LOST,” solo artist Glammy Mars has come out as a superstar in 2020 with his melodiously polished and stylistic voice. He is ready to change the world of music and sound as a versatile artist. “I’M LOST” has an atmospheric vibe to it with a strong resounding beat. Glammy Mars knows how to be in the spotlight by making his presence felt at the center.

To make a position for himself that rightfully belongs to him, Glammy Mars works consistently every day on his skillset to chisel his art of music-making that gives cinematic experience to the mind’s eye of the listeners. He is the epitome of savage reality and raw lyricism. He has secured a career in music for a lifetime for himself with his perfection in the performance that has already become a legacy.

Supposedly he is going to break the record on the internet with his new project called ‘TRESPASS.’ It is going to be released in a couple of weeks, and his fans are excited about it. Certified Platinum producer CashMoneyAP is going to produce it, adding to his existing list of credits like Pop Smoke, Tyga, Migos, Ty Dolla $ign, and many others.

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Tarek Josef Dada is a Hip-Hop music artist known as Glammy Mars.




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