Glamorous-Gambler-Turned-Entrepreneur David Nicholas Bets Big on His Luxury Lifestyle Brand

The 25-year-old who has been known to win a quarter of a million dollars in one sitting while gambling has switched gears and become an entrepreneur running his own luxury lifestyle company. David Nicholas has recently launched The Captain Davo, a brand that uses the name he was known for in the gambling world.

This Australian-born ex-gambler has loved to show off his extravagant lifestyle to the hundreds of thousands of followers he has on Instagram. His gambling videos on YouTube were legendary before he took them down. People were in awe with now ultra-confident he was. This led him to go big and win big. He was also entertaining, drawing people into his fast-lane world. Bikini-clad models, yacht parties, and exotic cars get views, and David knew this. He ended up developing a playboy persona that showed him off as someone living a luxurious lifestyle that was something to aspire to.

Now that he no longer gambles, David has launched a luxury lifestyle brand called The Captain Davo. Currently, this gambler-turned-entrepreneur is selling caps and t-shirts, although he is planning to debut new apparel soon. While he may no longer be taking part in risky gambling, he is still sticking to living a luxurious lifestyle, albeit one that is perhaps more refined and sophisticated.

The entrepreneurial spirit has been strong in David ever since he was a teen. He was a star when it came to door-to-door and B2B sales. This helped him to quickly advance to prominent C-suite roles within a number of major companies within sales and marketing. During his time in the corporate world, he mastered the art of communication, interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving. Having these skills helped him become a gambling god and internet personality.

There aren’t many who leave the gambling world relatively unscathed like David. Even though he is no longer in that world, he still retains the skills he learned along the way, as well as the charisma. He is now betting big on his luxury lifestyle brand and hopes to generate wealth in a more stable way that isn’t beholden to casinos that may or may not be stacking the odds against gamblers playing in them.

People have enjoyed peering into the wild and opulent world of The Captain Davo for years. You can still see all of his escapades and fun-loving antics on his Instagram. However, he has recently shifted more to dispensing helpful advice to new and aspiring entrepreneurs who could learn a thing or two from someone who became a self-made millionaire at a young age.

Showing off the gambling lifestyle was not without its detractors. That is another reason why many are applauding David’s shift from gambling to being an entrepreneur. While he may still show off a playboy lifestyle, there won’t be a subtext of gambling being the way to achieve what he has.


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