Glazers Media Signs $1m in Book and Film Contracts Within Days of Launching New Influencer Program

Glazers Media is helping influencers take their story to the next level by offering development, creation, and distribution services for Netflix style documentaries, Reality TV, and best-selling books. These unique production services are being offered in addition to Glazers Media’s award-winning public relations and reputation management services.

The Influence of Passion:

 We’ve all heard the age-old phrase that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Fortunately for Vito Glazers (and the influencer community!), he’s found his passion by helping people and brands tell their story through news, media, and film.

“… our business is focused primarily on helping people become influencers in their area of expertise, but I will always have a passion for working with reputation management clients.” – Vito Glazers, Founder of Glazers Media

Glazers Media has proudly announced a new and unprecedented service that gives his clients the opportunity to thrive on every major platform: From movies to TV, social media to podcasts, Vito Glazers credits innovation as the key to his agency’s success.

“Whenever I start doing something, within a few months every other PR company on the internet copies me. So I have to stay ahead of the game for myself, and my clients, and always be finding new ways to get clients featured in front of the largest and most valuable audiences possible.”

This move was a natural progression for Vito, who was named a “top digital marketer” and “one of the fastest growing PR firms” by Forbes for his role as a leading entrepreneur who inspires millennials with his high energy attitude towards PR and business.


Synergy in the Spotlight:

After gaining an astounding 300,000 Instagram followers from sponsoring giveaways including a recent collaboration with Kendall Jenner, Glazers simultaneously announced that his new book, docu-series and film development offer signed over $1M in contracts and sold out within 30 days.

All without ever running a single advertisement.  “I posted one swipe up story on my Instagram the day after the Kendall Jenner promotion, and my calendar got flooded.  I didn’t even get the chance to make a post on my social media about it.”

Glazers Media already has an impressive portfolio of films in production, boasting topics and influencers such as a story about how Jake and Logan Paul got into influencer boxing, stories about the biggest winners (and losers) in CryptoCurrency, and interesting current events like NFTs, fashion, music and other contemporary topics relevant to the valuable millennial and Gen z audiences.

Glazers even tried to score the rights to produce the film around Reddit’s infamous Wall Street Bets founder, but said “Jaime Rogozinski informed me I was late to the party” as the rights had already been sold about a month earlier.

While this is impressive, it’s not surprising, considering the Glazers’ vast network and proven public relations capabilities. This has been over ten years in the making, beginning when Glazers found his niche after pioneering a successful four-part system for Internet marketing to promote and grow his own advertising networks and personal brand.

He has since used the same system to help grow a real estate brokerage, exotic car dealerships, E-commerce products, clothing lines, television & film releases, musicians, authors, actors, entrepreneurs, universities, and charitable organizations.

The World is Watching:

The greatest part about Glazers’ decade of due diligence is he’s laid out the foundation for success so simply that anyone could begin the process of creating their own docu-series, reality tv show, or best-selling book in as little as 45 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too, but you can see for yourself by clicking the links below.

Glazers media has really set the bar for influencer marketing and development, giving influencers world-wide the opportunity they need to let the world see who they really are. We’re excited to follow along the journey and cover the incredible content Glazers Media is producing.

More on Vito Glazers:

Vito Glazers is a producer, actor and entrepreneur most known as the founder and CEO of Glazers Media in West Hollywood, California. His PR company has helped over 100 people share their stories through the media.

Glazers is most known for WE TV’s Mystery Millionaire and the Mancow Show.  In addition to being a television and media personality and media contributor, Glazers was also featured in a national media campaign for

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