Glen Vetromile: A Model of How to Build a Career – And a Legacy

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Not many people have the opportunity to do something as a career that will leave a legacy. Doctors have the joy of knowing that their work could result in years of life and possibly even other generations. Scientists have the opportunity to change the course of history and end diseases, but few careers afford such lasting effects. Glen Vetromile, as a real estate developer, has also had such opportunities.

From massive residential communities to theme park hotels, Glen Vetromile’s work will be standing years after he has left. And his legacy will be around for many generations to come. This story, however, didn’t start with beautiful million-dollar planned residential communities but in the classroom.

Glen Vetromile: The Early Years

The importance of education is no secret. For Vetromile, education wasn’t only important but an avenue to bigger and better things. Those bigger and better things ended up looking like a young Vetromile, earning his way into the prestigious Cornell University.

Vetromile not only excelled in his studies while at Cornell but was invited back as a visiting lecturer in the real estate master’s program. He also spent time teaching real estate development as an adjunct at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and in the graduate school of planning at Pratt University.

Despite his love of education and the classroom, Vetromile’s greatest professional joys have come from his work as a real estate developer. Vetromile was also introduced to complex multi-million dollar developments early in his career. Almost from day one, he was involved with complex and large-scale developments like the Hilton at Walt Disney World.

Glen Vetromile: Looking Ahead

Today, Glen Vetromile serves as the founder of Hudson Park Group LLC. To date, this high-quality multi-family housing development project has nearly 2,000 finished residential units. This current role is also another example of the range of expertise Vetromile has acquired over his accomplished career.

Over the years, Vetromile has participated in development projects that include residential real estate assets, luxury towers, wide-scale planned communities, and commercial projects. That experience, expertise, and versatility also leave the door wide open for wherever Glen Vetromile chooses to go from here.

Glen Vetromile: Looking Back

If Glen Vetromile ever takes a moment to slow down and look back over his career, he will surely be pleased with what he sees. More than three decades of success, accomplishment, and developing structures, and a legacy that will last his lifetime and ours.

Student, teacher, residential and commercial developer, project planner, and member of many committees and advisory boards, yes, Vetromile will leave a lot behind. A legacy, absolutely, but some of that legacy won’t be brick and mortar but flesh and blood. 

Even with all his accomplishments, travels, and demands, Vetromile is still about family first. When he isn’t overseeing multi-million dollar housing developments or planning the next theme park hotel, Vetromile is spending time with his family.

A Model of How to Build a Happy Life

Ask Glen Vetromile what his greatest accomplishment is, and it won’t be a residential development, high rise, or massively elaborate commercial project. What Vetromile is most proud of is his children.

Father of twins, Grace, and John, his children have not only been his greatest joy but his most worthy accomplishment too. John earned his Master’s degree while Grace followed in her father’s footsteps and also attended Cornell.

A legacy. Yes, Glen Vetromile will have a wonderful one. And if you ask him how to build a great career and legacy, he might very well suggest that you begin by building a happy life.

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