Global Inspirational Health Trainer Darren Placid Shared How He Avails The Opportunity From Pandemic Days

“First things first: Always remember to believe in yourself and your own abilities. Greatness comes from within. See it, believe it, Achieve it.”

COVID 19 has somehow affected all of us in different ways. However, some people extracted the opportunities from these critical situations. As they say, brave people can come out of any problem. Darren Placid is one of such people who never gave up and began to search for something new to overcome the issues.

Darren Placid is one of the top-grade fitness coaches and 15 years of experienced firefighters. He took part in many athletic sports and won many such as he was awarded as the 6th fittest firefighter in the world in 2007, three times completed the London Marathon, and participated in the English FA Cup 2003 for Heybridge Swifts.

How did Darren begin?

Let’s read his own words.

I have to say I am much more fortunate than many throughout this pandemic. Seeing small businesses close permanently and many of the self-employed struggle through were really sad. I had my job with the fire service to fall back on and it gave me a chance to think about what I wanted to do in the fitness industry moving forward.

The term “working smart and not hard” played on my mind a lot, and I had to think about setting up my personal training and group fitness stuff closer to home.

With my second child being born in September (2020) I knew it was going to be difficult to do the same traveling I did when everything was open. So through social media and word of mouth I was able to build a clientele in my local area and personal train them in parks and even car park spaces.

In other words anywhere there was sufficient space to move around. Weather permitting I trained my clients in my local area while people were walking past and showing interest.

Darren also gave the credit to his wife for letting him stay strong and getting successful in the journey. He added:

My wife (who is the brains behind everything I do) suggested that I should do a boot camp once a month when the restrictions have eased. She has a better business mind than me so I wasn’t sure of how I was going to promote it or anything, but because of my social media following and my loyal clients it allowed me to promote it.

Darren Placid’s boot camp involves a range of challenging exercises from using the battle ropes to carrying firefighters’ hoses. “I had to think about how my boot camp will be unique but challenging to others hence why I brought the firefighter aspect in.”

As the boot camp is in his local area Essex hence the name is “Keep Essex Moving”. Darren shared that he is trying to expand these boot camps in the whole country and London so more people can try it out.

Darren Placid’s Future Plans

Although Darren mostly does online sessions of health training, he recently said that he may be joining any local gyms and studios after the lockdown.

“I recently handed in my notice with Digme fitness and that was a tough decision to make, but as I said earlier, traveling into central London would be a problem for me. I haven’t got anything concrete as of yet but I may dip my toe in the local gyms and studios at some point.”

Moreover, he will be releasing DVDs of his training exercises to assist as many people as he can.
For more details, you can follow him on Instagram or contact him through his website.

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