Goat Brands LLC is Helping Golfers Drop Their Handicap With Go Low

Golf is a game of precision, focus, and technique. Any loss of concentration can send a golf ball off line away from the intended target. Mental preparation and stamina is key for top level players to perform well in a competition, and many professionals face immense pressure while playing competitively.

In this exclusive interview, we get to share with you how founder Logan Sorensen and his company Goat Brands LLC are disrupting the golfing space with their adaptogenic supplement Go Low that helps golfers regain their confidence, composure, and focus before a competition.

Tell us your story & how you’ve started, what made you choose this path?

“GOAT Brands, LLC, is in business to improve the health of athletes and help them achieve more physical and mental greatness. Our first product ‘Go Low’ is marketed to golfers in replacement of energy drinks (which increase stress and anxiousness) to instead help calm nerves and increase focus while enhancing the sensation of confidence and composure.

Obviously there isn’t an athlete in the world who wouldn’t want to feel more focused, composed, and confident during competition, but golf is a sport that people from all walks of life enjoy, including professional athletes, so it was the perfect sport to introduce its overall benefits to the world,” says Sorensen.

How is Goat Brands LLC different from other supplement companies?

“GOAT Brands was born from a group of scientists, athletes, and entrepreneurs who have spent their lives excelling in their jobs and careers, but who also felt there was a greater opportunity and cause out there to tackle. Frustrated with corporations we’ve worked with in the past —who were constantly cutting corners and costs for the sake of the bottom line and shareholders, instead of thinking about the good of the customer was becoming harder and harder to live with.

GOAT Brands wanted to come together as a revolution and see how much good we could do, and how we could elevate human potential. We believe profits are the side-effect of great products, and over the long haul we’ll be more successful than companies chasing arbitrary financial goals which lead to using inferior ingredients and chasing numbers, not customer satisfaction.”

Where do you see Goat Brands LLC and Go Low in the coming years?

“Our goal with Go Low is to see it in every golf shop and pro shop in the next couple of years. It’s a product meant to increase the enjoyment of the game for everyone who plays, from high school kids looking to pick up the game more effectively or even make their golf team, to the #1 player on tour, and everyone in between. I used to play professional baseball, so I know how important it is to feel confident when trying to hit a ball in sports like baseball and golf.

Your mental space can dictate your likelihood of success. That’s really true for anything in life, and it’s a part of the athletic supplement industry that has been completely ignored. When people try Go Low for the first time and see how well it works and what it’s meant to do, they ask me how nobody else thought of this because it seems so self-evident once you experience it.

To me, that’s the biggest sign our work is paying off. And GOAT Brands is expecting to expand our line of products to include even more things that help all people, not just athletes, achieve more physical and mental greatness.”

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