Going Beyond Wealth and Healthcare With Kash Amini, CEO at MasLife

“The habits of a vigorous mind are born in contending with difficulties.”Abigail Adams

The habits of a prodigious mind, though, are born with little acts of rebellion that question the conventional and execute the necessary. Vision without execution is just a hallucination Henry Ford once said and Kash Amini knew this at the raw age of 12. From Tehran to London, the journey for this young, resilient and self-made entrepreneur has been nothing short of tumultuous.

Much like Zuckerberg, Amini believes technology is the vicious revolution that is gonna lead to the ultimate enlightenment in society. Even as a 12-year-old, Kash was a staunch tech advocate and taught himself how to code. Later in the years, Kash realized his quest for learning was nicheless so he took to each of his flairs and consequently excelled in various spheres.

Kash, who has always been a fitness enthusiast, heard the summons of athletics and the amateur in him was soon swapped for a professional who then went on to play Pre-NBA basketball professionally. At the heralds of cryptocurrency, Amini found himself adapting to the art of crypto and maneuvered his way into Blockchain.

This further meandered him into establishing an eight-figure trading platform called Batrix that he ended up selling five years ago. Kash believed evolving and learning is the only way of existing and so he tirelessly strived each day but he also knew the significance of passion and hobbies and thus he pursued his amateur entertainment acumen and worked in the entertainment industry.

Amini gained notable experiences and insights whilst his time working in the industry and during his encounters with various eccentric and inspiring people such as the president of the United States and Elon Musk. 

But his incessant grinding came with wear and tear, and in his unceasing steps towards becoming his best version, Kash was exhausting himself. Thence, half a decade ago, a crisis forced him to slow down and introspect. He went down a journey of self-reflection and the life-changing odyssey enabled him to create a life of passion, purpose, and peace.

This adversity and the urge to triumph it, in turn, expedited him down the path of mindfulness and self-improvement and as he peered in the face of his out-of-balance life he decided to surrender all his social media before beginning his mode of contemplation which lasted for three long years.

Kash realized the gravity of mental wellbeing and also that it went hand in hand with the wealth-being of an individual. Kash was now familiar with the hardships that a frenetic mind brought over and was experiencing the world with a set of empathy-ridden eyes.

And much like Julian Mantle of the monk who sold his Ferrari Amini had realized that he’d had enough of the mind playing tricks on individuals, ergo he came up with his masterpiece, a coup like no other, Maslife.

Maslife is the world’s first one-stop finance and wellbeing platform to aid the hardships people face in making an informed decision and leading a positive lifestyle. With an AI to help individuals’ goals reach their full potential, it’s a super-app built on the principle that our health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked.

Amini put to use all that he had taught himself about computer codes, his takeaways of discipline and teamwork from playing professional basketball, his insights from the entrepreneurial streak that ran in his family, and whatever he had learned during his adventures with Blockchain, into building Maslife.

Amini puts the legendary Steve jobs on a pedestal and wishes to follow his league while also creating, with the help of technology, a harmonious society that resides free from the clutches of anxiety and conundrum.

With a funding of £5 million that Kash worked for with endeavor, all set to support the company’s global growth ambitions, broaden and accelerate product development and help every individual in a dire financial-mental spiral, Maslife is all set for a full-fledged launch in Europe in Q3 with 100,000 customers in the September of 2021.

Kash’s words are based on first-hand accounts and spoken under the direct discipleship of experience and thus are no less than gold and so while gilding every beginner Kash says “Practice gratitude and worship an early morning meditation and workout regime. Create goals for yourself, short-term or long-term. Maybe pick up a book for the better of half of an hour each day and start with creating a positive approach towards yourself.” He further lets us in on his secret and says “Live life with a smile on your face.

Good things come to those who dare to dream, stay fit, and never give up” he adds with a smile on his face.

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