Why Going out of Your Comfort Zone Is a Key to Success

How in the world am I going to leave my job and pursue my passion and purpose? This might be one of the questions that play’s through your mind when you feel fearful of leaving something comfortable and familiar.

I know I certainly felt that fear not too long ago. It was last year when I was able to realize that if I didn’t take the risk now, I would never have taken the risk. I had just finished working at Disney Channel and decided to take a trip to Canada to find focus. It was this moment where I found myself questioning where my life was leading. I wondered, “What’s my true purpose in life?,” and “What’s stopping me from pursuing what I want to do right now?” The answer was nothing. Nothing was stopping me, but myself.

I found what made it easier for me to answer those questions, was writing out on a blank piece of paper my skill-sets and personal qualities that I had acquired throughout the years.  Not only did I do that, but I also listed out what were the frequent requests that people had asked of me. I had my aha moment when I realized the common question that I was being asked and my heart lit up with joy.

Here I am today, teaching Millennials how to get into the entertainment Industry to land their dream jobs and interviewing celebrities, executives, and professionals behind the scenes.  Had I not followed my passion & purpose, I would be leading someone else’s dream. In order to achieve this independence, you must be willing to step outside of that comfort zone.

Take it from two professionals behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I had the opportunity to interview Donnell Turner, who plays Curtis Ashford on ABC’s hit show General Hospital, and Brian Wayy, a Music Producer/Owner of Teletunez. Both had many similarities in how they faced stepping out of their respective comfort zones.

1. Find Your Passion & Purpose

What makes you tick? What is your why behind what you do on a day to day basis? You need to know all of these things before you can step out into the unknown. The best way to find the answers to these questions is to find a place of isolation, then meditate, and then finally set goals in a journal.

You can’t hesitate when you want to change your current situation. Find that reason to drive you forward and propel you into your future. Take it from Brian Wayy, “There was not a choice for me to just take a 9-5 job, but rather wake up every morning knowing I had to keep pushing even harder than I did yesterday.” Don’t limit yourself. Find a reason to move toward your dream.

2. Affirmations

Tell yourself good things daily. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but if you are able to tell yourself that you will be able to do something…you will accomplish it. You’ve got to build elephant skin, in other words, thick skin. This will help you build strength when times get tough.

3. Set Goals

Setting goals can seem super unproductive or even nearly impossible to accomplish, but your mentality has to change. You need to have focus if you want to become successful. Donnell Turner gave the best advice, “You need to journal. Put yourself on a short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal…a five year plan. Number every day & challenge yourself to do something new.”

The easiest way to create this is by starting with a daily/weekly plan. List out what you must do on a daily basis, then think about your bucket list. Once you have this laid out for yourself, write out Monday-Friday on a piece of paper and start small by picking out only three things you need to accomplish for each day. If you don’t finish the three things you’ve picked for the day, put it back on the bucket list.

4. Reach out to People That You Want to Emulate

I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, executives, and professionals behind the scenes and one thing that I have found in common with each of them is their desire to emulate someone that inspires them. Both Donnell Turner and Brian Wayy found mentors that helped launch their career even further. The question is, “How do you go about doing this?” It’s simple, don’t be afraid to ask someone to be your mentor.

5. Face Fears

When you do things that are outside of that comfort zone you are allowing yourself new possibilities. “Success is not a matter of comfort, but that of achievement. I’ve learned that we must learn to not only exist, but thrive while uncomfortable,” Donnell said. When you are faced with a fear, it means that you are being challenged. Challenges allow us to shine brighter than we have ever before. Growth allows you to set more goals for yourself.

If you don’t try to expose yourself to new things every single day and follow the same routine, you won’t ever get out of that comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to do what you love!


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