Google Search Console & SEO – Helpful Insights by Prakash Mishra

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While the fight for survival in the online world is tough, establishing a strong foothold is not all that difficult. The one and only success mantra to rule the online world is to be visible. And being visible means ranking on the first page of the search engine results (moreover Google).

This needs a few tips and techniques and one of the best ways to appear on the 1st page of the SERPs is SEO.

Earlier, talking about the importance of SEO, Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy, Prakash Mishra, shared his insights on How SEO Can Save Your Business During Covid. Further elaborating on the subject, he shares his knowledge on How Google Search Console is good for your SEO.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console was first introduced in 2006, to help website owners to develop an SEO-friendly website. It was originally known as Google Webmaster Tool. This is a free tool provided by Google to access the working and visibility of your site and improve the SEO. It shows you, how Google sees your website. Though it is a tool introduced by Google, it is not limited to improving and ranking your site only on Google.

Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing strategist, Prakash Mishra, how using Google Search Console can improve your SEO and ultimately rank on the SERPs.

1. Improves Searchability On Search Engines:

Google Search Engine tool, helps you analyse, how your website pages are appearing on the SERPs. This tool also gives you insights on where you are going wrong or what errors need to be rectified like, site linkage, meta description, etc. Using this tool also helps the website owners to boost the visibility and search appearance on the search result pages.

Helps To Improve HTML:

This tool helps the site owners to check for any errors and review the title tags. There is a set hierarchy that should be followed while adding titles to the web pages. There should be only one main heading tagged as Title Tag or H1, other headings should be tagged under H2 to H6. Google Search Console helps you do this easily and ultimately improve your SEO.

Improves Site Crawling:

One of the most important part of SEO is site crawling. It is important because when the bot crawls your site, it gathers a lot of information about your site and user response, which later helps in ranking on SERPs. With the help of Google Search Engine, you can keep a track of site crawling and correct if there are any errors.

Helps In Google Indexing:

When it comes to SEO and ranking your website, indexing plays a major role. Using the Google Search Engine console, you can analyse which of your pages are ranking on Google, it also helps in tracking the pages that are not being indexed or should not be indexed. All this analysis helps in improving the page SEO and remove unneccesary URLs from the index.

“Only applying the SEO techniques is not enough, you need to analyse and keep a track, whether these techniques are getting you the desired results or not. And the best way to track the activites and working of your website is by looking at the website through Google’s eyes, using the Google Search Console,” says, Digital Marketing expert, Prakash Mishra.

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